Not Everyone is StylishSo often I get asked if not everyone is stylish. I hate that question. Sure, while I’ll be the first to admit that there are more fashion nightmares out there than I care to count, I still believe it to be a silly question. Why? Well, not being born with style is like saying you’re not born with a personality. Everyone has a personality (even if it is dull) and everyone has style.

The better question to ask me (which would not prompt an eye roll) would be if I believed everyone was stylish. To which I would respond with a big, fat, juicy NO! Like I said, I’ve seen more fashion nightmares than I care to count, so let be clear…everyone has style, but not everyone is stylish.

What’s the difference between having style and being stylish?

So, what’s the difference between having style and being stylish? Well, a few things. Being stylish is purely a manifestation of having learned how to tap into your style and express it outwardly. That’s it. It’s not brain surgery, it’s not chemistry, it’s easy. Yet, if it is easy, why do most people struggle? I believe people have a hard time with it because, instead of looking inward, they seek their style outwardly. Big mistake.

Fashion, magazines, yappy fashion experts (present company excluded), makeover shows,designers, etc. can not tell you what your style is. They can influence you, inspire you and help draw it out of you, but they can’t find it for you. Your style is in the deep recesses of your being, hanging around waiting to be called on while you’re walking in and out of stores hoping to finally figure out how to avoid looking like just another acceptably dressed nobody on the street. Everything you need to know about your style you already know. You just need to pay attention and actually trust it. Sure, go ahead, layer on all you want, but if you don’t stop to find out what makes you tick, you’re going to run around in circles….while continuing to look like that acceptably dressed nobody on the street.

Once you know who YOU are, then you can make the right clothing choices. Getting dressed is a three part formula. Part One is knowing your style. Part Two is knowing your lifestyle (Please don’t wishful wardrobe) and Part Three is knowing how to dress your physical characteristics. Once you know these three things you’re on your way.