How to wear bright color

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Looking to learn how to wear bright color?  One of the biggest trends for spring/summer 2011 will be bright color, in particular, wearing multiple bright colors at once.  I have to admit, seeing color combinations like turquoise with orange, or acid yellow with purple takes some time getting used to.  The truth is, after working with clients for the past eleven years, for most women, wearing a singular bright color in an outfit can be challenging enough so forget several bright colors in one outfit…at one time.  Most of my clients have a clear understanding of what their most flattering colors to wear are and have no issues with wearing these colors in an understated manner.  Throw in that additional color and it can feel like hard algebra.  For that reason, I can see why this bright color mixing trend can be a bit daunting.

One of the services I offer, in addition to advising clients on what colors to wear, is to instruct on how clients on to successfully combine more than one color into an outfit.  With bright colors, it can be even more challenging because nobody wants to look like a clown hyped up on cocaine.

I’d like to share a simple tip on how to wear bright color into your wardrobe this season in a realistic and simple way.

How to Wear Bright Color: Ground color combos in a neutral base

Few women want to wear an entire outfit that looks like a rainbow.  If this is the case with you, consider starting with a neutral shade as your base (your base being as a pair of pants or a skirt or blazer, for example).  Next, bring in, what we at BRSG refer to as your “pop” shade.”  This would be something like the shirt or blouse you choose to wear.  Lastly, add your accent shade.  Choose an accent shade that complements the pop color and wear it in a smaller amount than the other two colors, like as a necklace, a fun jacket, your shoes or a scarf, etc.

Add Your Pop Color

Looking at the color chips below you can see an example of what I mean.  Imagine the largest colored square is your base color, like your suit, a pair of pants or a skirt.  The second largest color square can be your pop color, like your top.  The smallest rectangle of color can be your accent, like your accessories, a handbag or a pair of shoes.  Can you see how these bold color combinations are grounded by the more neutral base shade making the bright shades a bit more realistic for real life?

Bright Color Combinations That Work in Real Life

How to wear bright color

Let’s break the color combinations down so I can give you some examples of how these color combinations can be worn realistically as an outfit.

How to wear bright color

How to wear bright colorhow to wear bright color

Color combining can often feel tricky, but once we get the hang of it, it can really add some finishing touches to a more basic outfit.  I hope this helps you learn how to wear bright color…with style.