Kathi ElsterKathi Elster, 59, is an Executive Coach, Author and Public Speaker and Co-Author of the books Working with You Is Killing Me and Working for You Isn’t Working for Me.

Currently, she is working on another book Who Does She Think She Is: How Women Can Move Up Without Taking Each Other Down. In addition to Co-authoring these books with her business and writing partner Katherine Crowley, Kathi is also in charge of publicity and marketing of the book and their company K Squared Enterprises.

Kathi loves what she does because she feels she is helping to change lives.  She likes watching people grow and become who they are meant to be.  It inspires to her stay on her own course.

Her personal mission is to be involved in world peace.  Kathi believes in making a contribution to world peace with her books, where she teaches people to take personal responsibility for whatever happens to them.

Personally, Kathi really likes traveling.  She likes to meet people that live differently then her.  She loves food from all over the world– cooking it and eating it, in addition to entertaining.  Being a big reader, Kathi recently got a Kindle.

Let’s get to know Kathi  Elster further with a Style Minute, shall we?

My closet: Is crowded

Favorite thing to wear:  My DKNY jeans that hug my butt and have a little space at the waist

Favorite shoes: Any and all boots

Favorite store: Any store “on sale”

Most regrettable fashion purchase: something I didn’t need “on-sale”

I know I look good when: I watch others watch me

If I was attended the Oscars I would wear: something Audrey Hepburn would wear

Favorite magazine: The New Yorker

Favorite Color: Blue

Most prized accessory: My mothers silver necklaces and bracelets – that she left me

Shopping is: less interesting the older I get

Last purchase:  thin comfy t-shirts to wear under sweaters and jackets

Favorite clothing era: I like to stay in the present, so what ever is current

My inspiration: The Dalia Lama, My daughter, and my husband

My style: simple and clean lines so that you see me more than what I’m wearing