Smart DesignI love smart design, especially when it saves me time.  Ask my husband, I am ridiculous about losing my keys.  My purses are like a bottomless pit and I can often be seen rummaging at the front door of my apartment building madly searching for my keys.  I am always extremely prompt for things…except when I lose my keys.  It’s horrible.

So, you can imagine my thrill today when I noticed a feature on one of my favorite handbags by one of my favorite handbag lines, Latico Leathers…a hidden magnet inside the handbag that catches my keys and keeps them in plain sight.  And, I must be honest, I didn’t discover this feature.  I’ve had this handbag for months.   I just noticed today my keys were hanging inside my bag like magic.

Thanks Latico, for your smart design.  Check out the video!