Gretchen RubinQuite some time ago, I stumbled upon Gretchen Rubin’s blog The Happiness Project and became an instant fan. Soon after, I found out that this inspirational blog was going to become a book with the same name. Fascinated by what made this happy lady tick, she shared with me that her professional and personal missions are to make herself happier and share what she learns with other people (thanks for sharing with others, Gretchen), and when she isn’t infusing the world with positivity through her blog and books (she is currently working on another one), she enjoys reading, writing, and talking to people about reading, writing, and happiness. She loves the intellectual freedom and the ability to read and write all day.

How about we take a Style Minute with happiness purveyor Gretchen Rubin?

My closet: isn’t very full

Favorite thing to wear: Yoga pants

Favorite shoes: My running shoes

Favorite store: Any bookstore!

Most regrettable fashion purchase: High heels beyond the height I can really handle

I know I look good when: I take the time to wear make-up

If I was attended the Oscars I would wear: whatever my mother helped me pick out

Favorite magazine: The Week

Favorite Color: Purple

Most prized accessory: The watch my husband gave me to celebrate the publication of Forty Ways to Look at Winston Churchill

Shopping is: a big pain that I avoid whenever possible

Last purchase: A bathing suit for my 11-year-old

Favorite clothing era: Gosh, I don’t have one.

My inspiration: My reading

My style: Be Gretchen