tan shoesDid you know that tan shoes are more versatile than black shoes?

If you were to ask most women what shoe color do they have the most of in their wardrobe, most would say black.  Black shoes are considered by many to be the easiest shoes to grab and wear.  But, I disagree  with the masses and claim TAN shoes will get more mileage than the expected black shoes you may swear by.   Here’s why:

Reason #1- Tan shoes are more versatile

What shoe color can you wear with black, navy, brown, olive, tan and, well, any color of the rainbow actually?  The answer would be tan.  For fall and winter, when we move into deeper and richer shades in our clothing, black shoes just aren’t as versatile a shoe choice as tan would be.  Black shoes don’t work with brown, but tan does.  Tan shoes add richness to other neutral colors you may wear in the fall like navy, olive, camel etc..  In addition, during the warmer months, when you are baring some skin, a tan colored shoe looks a lot less heavy on your feet than black does.  We tend to wear fruitier and more lively colors in the spring and summer so keep your feet as lively as the colors you wear and ditch the heavy black shoes and buy a great tan pair.

Reason #2- Tan shoes make your calves look slimmer

For those of you with heavier calves or ankles, tan shoes have an instant slimming effect.  When your shoes match your skin-tone, you elongate the look of your legs.  Anytime you elongate an area of your body, you also slim it.  This is why monochromatic dressing is considered slimming.  Consider tan shoes to be like monochromatic dressing for your legs.

Reason #3- Tan shoes make your legs look longer

If you read reason #2 above, you will understand that, when your legs are exposed, tan shoes have an elongating effect on your legs.  If you have short legs (or want your already long legs to look like they go on for miles) wear a tan shoe.  Since the shoe color matches closely to your skin-tone and doesn’t break the long line like a black shoe would, your legs look longer, not to mention slimmer.

Reason #4- Tan shoes are just more elegant looking

I always tell my clients that, when they choose a tan shoe over a black shoe for their business looks, they look more “corner office” and less “cubicle.”  If you want to update your look without breaking the bank, give the black shoes a rest and add a few tan ones instead.  Wear them with your pant suits, tailored pants and skirts and you will quickly start to notice that you not only feel like your tan shoes have become like a palette cleanser from black shoe boredom, but will also help you feel a bit more stylish.

Well now that I have sold you on the tan shoe, I have a few bits of advice.  First, if you are petite or have short legs, tan shoes may not be the best choice of shoe for you unless your legs are exposed.  Tan shoes will break up the length of your leg when worn with pants because your tan shoes don’t match your pants.  Tan shoes with pants only work if you have enough leg length to spare.

For spring,  a true skin-tone tan (whatever your skin tone shade may be) is a great choice.  If you live in a climate where it gets colder in the fall and winter, a tan shade for your shoes may be a bit light.  The fall version of a tan shoe would be a camel or vicuna shade (which is more of a mid-brown)  This shoe color is just as versatile as tan and can be worn back to any shade including black, brown, olive, camel and any other color you like to wear in the fall.