make this outfit less dull

Meet Sheila who wants help making her outfit less dull.  She told me that this is what she chooses to wear to the park or meeting with for a play date with the kids. Sheila feels dull in this outfit and like she is swimming in her clothing. She also feels that her body shape is not conducive to what’s out there in the stores. As Sheila put it, she is short, thick in the middle with a flat butt. She goes on to say that she has resigned herself to wearing bigger shirts. Having three beautiful kids, Sheila also feel like she was always either pregnant, or trying to lose pregnancy weight. As a result, she has fallen into the trap of always waiting to lose more weight before she buys more clothes.

Bridgette’s solution to making this outfit less dull:

Since Sheila is a mom, in order to make this outfit less dull, it is important to choose a realistic look for her lifestyle. There is no reason for her to get terribly gussied up and it is doubtful that she has the time . However, this does not mean she needs to abandon being stylish completely. The goal here is to accent this basic outfit with some color and personality. She can also focus a bit more attention on the fit of her clothing.

I have to admit, Sheila is right: This outfit is a bit dull. However, I think she is not alone in her struggle to find clothing that fits her body shape. Unfortunately, I think more women are built like Sheila than the fashion industry cares to admit. Therefore, I would love for there to be greater options for petite women who have had a few children.

The first problem that Sheila has with this outfit is that her pants are too short which may be making her look even more squat. I also think they are too big. Petite women benefit from pants that are bit slimmer. Even though Sheila may want to hide, I would choose a longer, leaner pair of jeans that fits slimmer in her thigh area. Having a flat butt, choosing pants that hug her but and thighs, in that more slimming manner, will make her look looks less boxy.

My favorite jeans right now are by Levi’s. Not only were their Curve ID jeans designed to work for a variety of different body shapes, but they are affordable! Additionally, many of the Levi’s styles come in petite. I love Perfect Waist 525™ Straight Leg (Petite) – True Blue for Sheila.

Next, I would recommend that she wear a flatter shoe like a ballerina flat in the spring like these by Bloch or a more stylish pair of boots by Frye in the fall/winter that she would wear over her jeans.

The top that Sheila is wearing isn’t that bad and with the right pants, I think would look great. Of course, a T-shirt is always replaceable and I’d like to see one with a bit more shape in the waist. If Sheila could find a better fitting pair of pants, a more interesting shoe and maybe a necklace like this one by Stella & Dot, I think this outfit would go from flat to fabulous (while fitting her lifestyle) in no time.

make this outfit less dull

I hope my tips can help you make your outfit less dull as well!