Victoria Moran Victoria Moran is a holistic life and health coach, inspirational speaker, and author of books including, my favorite, Creating a Charmed Life, Younger by the Day, Fit from Within, and The Love-Powered Diet.  She helps women of all ages look and feel amazing through beautiful food, compassionate living, and spiritual connection.  Victoria Moran loves teaching, sharing information, and helping her clients bring out their own wisdom; and she loves crafting words into helpful concepts, and speaking, performing, and storytelling – nothing lights her up like speaking for an eager audience.

Victoria is just beginning her eleventh book.  The working title (that’s always subject to change) is Main Street Vegan: Everything You Need to Know to Eat Healthfully and Live Compassionately in the Real World … She also writes a blog for the Huffington Post that she calls Veg and the City,” about being a vegan in NYC … And she hosts a monthly radio show, also called “Veg and the City,” on

Let’s take a style minute with Victoria Moran.  I don’t know about you but I’m incredibly curious about what is going on with this charmed lady’s style.

My closet: Keeps getting closer and closer to a collection of pieces that I absolutely adore

Favorite thing to wear: Right now it’s a ruffly satin skirt of dark blue and black, with a luscious soft rayon jacket of the former shade, over a black microfiber tank

Favorite shoes: My Olsenhaus boots in black Ultrasuede with fold-over cuffs in periwinkle blue

Favorite store: Ibiza Boutique in Greenwich Village


Most regrettable fashion purchase: Probably the Armani Black Label jacket I bought ten years ago that gave me such sticker shock I was afraid to wear it where food was served. Now it’s old and I pop it on over jeans sometimes, but it’s never quite felt like me.

I know I look good when: People ask, “You know who you remind me of?” and then say “Audrey Hepburn”

If I was attended the Oscars I would wear: Let’s see, I’m fantasizing a Stella McCartney gown and some her magnificent non-leather stilettos (I’m also fantasizing that I could walk in the shoes)

Favorite magazine: Get Fresh, a raw food mag from the UK

Favorite Color: Cranberry

Most prized accessory: Vintage 1920s straw cloche with the original ribbon

Shopping is: A privilege

Last purchase: A black cotton U-neck sweater at H&M

Favorite clothing era: 1920s

My inspiration: Coco Chanel meets Muriel Dowding (Muriel, The Lady Dowding, was one of the first people to attempt to live compassionately with beauty and fashion, as well as diet. She and her husband, Chief Air Marshal Lord Dowding, had robes of fake ermine made to meet the dress code at the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, and Lady Dowding founded the Beauty Without Cruelty cosmetics company)

My style: Très français – perfect pieces, not many of them, lots of black with some color splashes