Wearable trendsWhen it comes to wearable trends, just because a website or an article says a it is a wearable one doesn’t mean that it is wearable for you.   We’re introducing a new feature on this blog called “Should I or Shouldn’t I?”  This feature will take a trend a step further than most writers and magazines take it and then tell you if you should or shouldn’t wear it.

I decided to kick off this feature after I stumbled on this article titled 10 TREND-WORTHY SPRING 2011 FASHION TRENDS which they considered to be wearable trends worth investing in.  Well not so fast there, let’s just see how wearable six of the ten trends they listed are or at least see how we can make some of them work in reality.

Wearable Trends #1- The Maxi Dress

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 The Maxi Dress is fantastic for spring and summer.  It’s easy, you can pop it on, it can hide a multitude of sins.  What’s not to like about the Maxi?  Well…if you’re short, it can make you look like you’re standing in a hole.  If it is too shapeless, it can make bottom heavy gals look like big triangles, and forget it if you have big boobies.  Most Maxis aren’t exactly maxi in the strap department.

If you don’t want to pass this trend by: Petite gals, make sure your Maxi isn’t too voluminous.  Keep it in crisper fabric that doesn’t overwhelm your body.  Bottom Heavy ladies, make sure there is some shaping in the waist or crispness to the fabric as well.  Big, fluid fabric and large thighs mix like oil and water.  If you have a large chest, you either need to find a good strapless bra (torture) or a Maxi that gives you enough “strapage” to cover the over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder.

Wearable Trends #2- Bell Bottom Style Jeans

Wearable Trends

Katie Holmes rockin’ the bell

So, let me understand this, fashion finally gets everyone on board with skinny jeans, a feat that took nearly 4 years to accomplish, and now you want everyone to go running towards the bell bottom?  God, trends exhaust me sometimes.   Bell bottom jeans are extreme versions of the boot cut style.  Personally, I’m not the biggest fan but I wasn’t exactly a fan of skinny jeans some time ago either.  Anyway, again, if you’re really short this style isn’t the greatest.  If you aee really, really curvy in the hip area, an extreme bell bottom can over-emphasize your curves…and not in a good way.

If you’re petite or or a curvier gal who wants in on this trend, look for the most tapered extreme of bell bottom jeans.  While heels can be a solution to give some height and therefore some slimness, everyone has experienced the detriment that this solution can be.  Have you ever gotten your heel caught in your wide pant leg?  No bueno.

Wearable Trends #3- Citrus Color

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I’m a fan of citrus colors.  They’re warm, fruity, festive and very fun. However, have you ever seen colors like pumpkin and mango on someone who doesn’t have the right coloring for them?  Can you say sallow and sick looking?

If you are someone who looks better in blue based jewel tones, you can still address this fruit punch trend by choosing bright, punchy citrus shades like watermelon pink and ruby red grapefruit.  Also, there are plenty of colors for you like aqua, bright green and hot pink.

Wearable Trends #4- Neutral Color

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In theory, an outfit full of neutral shades looks good– sophisticated, elegant and polished.  However, in reality, an entire outfit of all these quiet neutral shades like sand, ivory and camel looks like “Night of the Living Dead” corpse-ville.  This trend definitely needs some direction if it is to be worn by the average person.

Instead of an outfit full of drab, partner these softer shades with some more grounded or livelier colors.  Nobody will arrest you if your sand colored dress is paired with a rich brown blazer or if your camel is worn with a cheery color like a green necklace.

Wearable Trends #5- Mismatched prints

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Did you all read my blog post yesterday about the dangers of mismatched prints?  Truth is, I don’t mind mismatching if it is done in a way that comes off more eclectic-looking than “most of my clothes burned in a house fire” looking.  However, it still takes a lot of work and know-how to pull off this mismatching of prints.  Quite honestly, I think the average Joe…sy is better off just leaving this trend on the runway.

Yet, if you must, there is a rule that someone taught me about pattern mixing: The two prints need to be of different scale.  So, let’s say you have a large print, the print worn with it should be at least 50% smaller.  Give it a try, if you dare, and see if it helps.

Wearable Trends #6- Not so short-shorts

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Well, finally, fashion has realized that it’s not realistic for all of us to walk around in tiny shorts and heels…in public.  Longer shorts are trendy for spring.  Now, before you all start breaking out your bad Bermudas and sensible walking shoes, I want to give you a few bits of advice.

First, the longer you go, the more tapered you should go.  A petite person in a wide-legged pair of shorts shaves off valuable inches.  Additionally, bottom heavy ladies should avoid shorts styles that are too wide at the hem.   Consider this before adding shorts to your wardrobe.

I hope this helps you know for sure if you should or shouldn’t with these wearable trends.