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Q- My kids make fun of my mom style and call me a frumpy soccer mom. I am a soccer mom and, given my lifestyle, I have no reason to get all dressed up.  But their comment did make me reflect a bit.  I have had three kids and my body isn’t the way it used to be.  I admit, that my style has gotten a bit staid over the years but, with my lifestyle, I can’t justify getting all dressed up or worrying too much about how stylish I am.  Any advice on how I can have mom style and look more stylish for the life I lead as a stay at home mom with three kids?


Bridgette tackles Mom Style

Dear Help!

Kids say the darndest things don’t they?  First, I say to consider the source.  I don’t know many kids who think their mother’s mom style should be appearing in Vogue.  However, if YOU (not your fashion police children) can identify that your style has gotten a bit frumpy and you want a change, then it is something to think about.

First, you are right:  Your lifestyle as a stay-at-home mom isn’t one that requires you to look like a supermodel but it also doesn’t mean that you can’t look and feel good.  For your mom style, I recommend that, instead of focusing on trendy fashion, you focus more on the fit of the basic pieces that work for your life.  You should also check out an article I wrote a few weeks ago about what happens when we don’t dress realistically for our lives, or as I like to call it  Wishful Wardrobing.  Often, it isn’t the style of clothing that someone wears that makes them look frumpy, it is the fit that does.  I have a perfect example of a mom who reached out to us for help.  Check out the advice we gave her.  Take, for example, a pair of capri pants and a t-shirt, which is a staple summer outfit for many moms.   They call them “mom jeans” for a reason you know, so be careful about how frumpy your pants are fitting.  I am not implying that your pants should be so fashion forward that your teenage daughter will want to wear them, but there is a broad spectrum between pants your kids will wear and pants that are just plain dowdy.  Additionally, instead of an ill-fitting boxy t-shirt, choose one that has a bit more shape and doesn’t have a big sloppy sleeve. Your goal when buying classic pieces is to focus on finding pieces that fit you well and are age appropriate.  I’m a real fan of Not Your Daughter’s Jeans for a stylish, yet realistic look.  You can also check out Levi’s Curve ID jeans so you can flatter your curves with style.

Second, when it comes to mom style, focus on the accent touches. If you are always slipping on a pair of boring slides or sneakers, consider a fun trainer or a jeweled flip flop.   Next, simple accessories that finish your look are an easy idea.  If your children are very small, you don’t want delicate jewelry that a child can grab and choke on, but perhaps a fun bracelet or a great belt will make your more expected classic mom attire more exciting and will be choke-free at the same time.

I hope that helps!

Bridgette Raes