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Let’s talk about female stereotypes.  Last week we shared a story with you about the J. Crew advertisement of a mother painting her son’s toenails pink and the controversy that enused as a result of gender roles being challenged through this ad.

Well we just got word from about Ten year old Eliza Sayers who wrote a letter to The Mini Boden catalog urging them to “STOP BEING SO STEREOTYPICAL!”

According Eliza’s letter (though I think she got some help), the magazine asked questions to the kids who were modeling. The one question that ticked her off was this question:

“What is the biggest difference between Boys and Girls?”

Here are some answers that were in the magazine that got Eliza’s blood boiling:

  • Kian, age 6, “Girls Like dolls, and Boys don’t.”
  • Stefano, age 7, “Girls wear pink, and Boys wear blue and green.”
  • Aiden, 6, “Girls like nail polish; Boys like Soccer Balls.’
  • Asha, age 8, “Boys are rougher and stronger.”

Check out what little 10 year old Eliza has to say about these answers and why she thinks they are so stereotypical.  Go Eliza!  Perhaps you and Beckett from the J.Crew should get together for pedicures, just as long as Beckett lets you use a polish color other than pink.