Mary CarlomagnoMary Carlomagno, age 43, is an Organizer, Speaker and Author of several books including: Live More, Want Less: 52 Ways to Find Order in Your Life and Give It Up!: My Year of Learning to Live Better with Less.   She is currently working on her fourth book, doing an office makeover for a fantastic blogger namedPatty Chang Ankerand wrangling two children.

While wearing all these hats (stylish ones of course!), she loves that she has the freedom to integrate her work and her life as she chooses!  Her mission is to to have her ideal day, everyday.  A constant flow of communication wherever she is keeps her curious and she tries to learn something new in everything she does, whether she is speaking to a corporation, working with a client or building blocks with her kids.

One last thing Mary wants to share is:

“ Getting organized is more than moving your shoes!  Lao Tzu once said that when you make space something in your life, something new will replace it.  Do you think he meant black pumps?”

Nice advice, Mary, thanks!!  Now, let’s change gears and spend a Style Minute with Mary Carlomagno!

My closet: Is color coded

Favorite thing to wear: Lucky Jeans and knee high boots  (not happening on a daily basis) and tons of jewelry, usually dangling earrings and native American bangles

Favorite shoes: Gucci stiletto boots bought on an Italian vacation.

Favorite store: Anthropologie

Most regrettable fashion purchase: Fuschia Velvet Kate Spade bag.

I know I look good when: My husband starts getting goofy

If I was attended the Oscars I would wear: Something snug and Italian. Valentino comes to mind and tons of diamonds.

Favorite magazine: Better Homes and Gardens

Favorite Color: Blue

Most prized accessory: My engagement ring and wedding band (my husband may read this and I want to encourage him to buy more)

Shopping is: a special treat, not an everyday activity

Last purchase: Polka dot pencil skirt (why not?)

Favorite clothing era: I am feeling the 80s, could be a result of the Sirius Radio First Wave channel.

My inspiration: Steven Tyler

My style: Classic with a hint of rock and roll.

Thanks Mary!