SPF Clothing

Me & My dad. One of my favorite photos ever taken with him

Did you know that there is SPF clothing that can protect you from the sun?

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month.  Building awareness around skin cancer is particularly close to my heart because in 1997, when my dad was just 46 years old, we lost him to the devastation of Melanoma.  It is unfortunate that few people understand how deadly Melanoma is and many think of it as a surface cancer that can’t effect the organs.  This simply isn’t true.  If caught early, Melanoma is one of the must curable forms of cancer yet, if caught too late (like in the case of my father), and it goes deeper into the skin, it spreads beyond the skin to other organs.  Unfortunately, once it gets to that point, Melanoma is practically impossible to cure.

This month being “Skin Cancer Awareness Month, many local hospitals and clinics are offering free screenings (check your local listings) and I urge all of you to get yourselves checked regularly, especially if you live in a warm climate, are exposed to the sun regularly, had one or more blistering sunburns as a child, frequent tanning beds or have the presence of moles or multiple birthmarks on your skin.  You can also read some other guidelines here.

Additionally to wearing sunscreen, which is the first defense for many against skin cancer, there is clothing on the market that offers sun protection up to UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) 50.  The Ultraviolet Protection Factor (or “UPF”) rating system measures the UV protection provided by fabric. It is very similar to the SPF rating system used for sunscreens.   A garment with a UPF of 50 only allows 1/50th of the UV radiation falling on the surface of the garment to pass through it. In other words, it blocks 49/50ths or 98% of the UV radiation.

Stylish SPF Clothing Suggestions

I will admit there aren’t a lot of stylish choices out there for stylish UPF clothing, but I did some digging today and found a some stylish options. Coolibar is by far my favorite line of sun protection clothing that manages to be stylish at the same time.  Add to that, Coolibar clothing has been approved by the Skin Cancer Foundation, the Melanoma International Foundation and American Academy of Dermatology.

So rest assured, to get sun protection from your clothing, you don’t have to be a social outcast walking around like this:

SPF clothing

Coolibar UPF 50+ Sun Protection Drape

SPF Clothing

Coolibar UPF 50+ Sun Protective Face Shield

Check out these great styles, all by Coolibar and protect your skin while projecting your style:

SPF Clothing

Coolibar UPF 50+ Women’s Shapeable Poolside Sun Hat

Searching for a shapeable wide brim hat that can safely take you from pool deck to patio party and everywhere in between?  Coolibar’s Shapeable Poolside Sun Hat offers the largest canopy of shade in our hat lineup. The wired brim, that comes in oodles of colors, allows you to customize your coverage according to the position of the sun, blocking damaging UV rays from ever reaching the delicate skin on your face and neck.

SPF Clothing

Coolibar UPF 50+ Women’s A-Line Henley – Sun Protective

Coolibar’s henley shirt with feminine detailing and all the UV-protective features. Their A-line Henley has a softly scooped neckline and pretty gathered pleating front and back. It’s perfect paired with leggings, trousers-even a slim skirt.

SPF Clothing

Coolibar UPF 50+ Women’s Sun Protective Wrap

Heading to the gallery at the golf club? An outdoor wedding? You never know when you might need a little shade for your arms and shoulders. Coolibar’s versatile Women’s Cotton Sun Wrap offers the same reliable UV coverage as their sun shirts, in a go-anywhere package. Plus, the wrap features their latest technology development called ZnO SUNTECT®. ZnO SUNTECT® which embeds millions of tiny particles of zinc oxide — the same ingredient that is used to block UVA & UVB in better sunscreens and to treat mild skin irritations and burns — into every fiber. These ZnO particles cannot wash or wear out. It’s a wonderful way to cover up quick-and give casual looks a little extra flair.


SPF Clothing

Coolibar UPF 50+ Women’s Wrap Cover Up Skirt

Run to the lockers or snack bar without feeling exposed. Simply tie Coolibar’s Wrap Cover-Up Skirt around your swimsuit and go-then jump right back into the water if you want! Unlike most women’s long skirts, this clever wrap skirt is built to stand up to chlorine and saltwater. And it dries quickly, too.


SPF Clothing

Coolibar UPF 50+ Women’s Featherweight Beach Cover Up – Sun Protective

Looking for a bit more sophistication than the typical swimwear coverup offers? Try Coolibar’s Featherweight Cover Up on for size. With flattering empire seams, a gathered elastic back, and pretty pearl-edge cuffs, it’s elegant enough for beachside restaurants and boardwalk shops.


SPF Clothing

Coolibar UPF 50+ Women’s Ruche Top – Sun Protection

Coolibar’s Ruche Top has elegant three-quarter-length sleeves that can be worn gathered up or flowing loose, making it a versatile choice for your warm-weather wardrobe. Buttery soft and smooth draping, this ruched sun shirt will become an instant favorite.

As my dad used to tell me, “Everything in moderation.”  So, go enjoy the sun and take care of your skin!