Stylish Mom LooksThere are plenty of reasons to honor moms. They’ve given birth, endured stretch marks, gained weight, wiped runny noses, endured public tantrums, whines and cries, lost hours of sleep, and could feed the sixth fleet with the amount of cupcakes they’ve baked. Yes, there are plenty of reasons for sure that moms are deserving of the praise they’ll get this month. Yet, my favorite reason to honor moms has nothing to do with baked goods or pregnancy weight. My reason is simply because of the effort it takes for a mom to look good, especially considering they don’t have to. When you are at home with the kids (be it as stay-at-home mom or as a mom who works both in and outside the home) nobody would know, or care, if you slipped into sweat-pant oblivion, and without things like a work dress code (or a boss breathing down your neck) who would care?

Yet, even if you are one of these unsung heros, putting effort towards what could easily become fashion inertia, it is still is easy to get caught up in a fashion funk of the same-old-same-old. You’re not necessarily dealing with a tough audience here as I’m doubting your child has ever threatened to call the fashion police on you. Therefore, how simple would it be to slip your feet into your tired, standby black slides, toss on that over-worn pair of capris, and slip into the pretty floral printed t-shirt (that successfully camouflages the stain) and, voila, be dressed.

Stylish Mom Looks

With that in mind, below I’m going to offer easy substitute suggestions that can effortlessly replace the nap inducing mom standbys in your closet. Keep in mind that what I’m recommending should not make you have to take more additional time when getting dressed. I may not be a mom but I get that, while you are working on putting yourself back on your own list again, there still are tons of things that you consider a preference to spending too much time fussing with yourself. These are easy swaps that I hope will spring some life into your style. If you’re not a mom, this advice still stands as we’re all busy and often looking for easy ways to change up our wardrobe a bit.

Stylish Mom Looks #1- Instead of capri pants, try a pair of shorts

Stylish mom looks

Paper bag waist shorts from The Gap

Shorts are a really hot trend this summer. I’m not talking about the frumpy, dumpy shorts, I’m talking about stylish shorts that say style, not schlump. A pair like this by The Gap is an easy way to create an effortlessly stylish look. Concerned about baring too much leg, try Sally Hansen Airbrush Leg Makeup. My easy solution for sultry legs.

Stylish Mom Looks #2- Instead of a black slip-on slide, try a brightly colored sandal

Stylish Mom Looks

Birkenstock Madrid Slip-on Available at

The black slide that you can easily slip into and wear with any outfit is about as exciting as watching paint dry. However, I get it, it’s easy. Yet, I’d like to make an alternative shoe suggestion that is equally versatile, and about twice as exciting: A colorful sandal. I can’t believe that I am going to recommend Birkenstocks, but after getting a pair myself I am a convert. I love this Birkenstock Madrid Slip-on. If you want to dip your toe into the colorful shoe pool, try a color like green or yellow, which are versatile colors that complement any color you’re wearing in your outfit.

Stylish Mom Looks #3- Instead of a skirt and a tee-shirt, try a maxi dress

Stylish Mom Looks

Free People

The warmer it gets the easier it is to put on a skirt and a tee-shirt. Yet, if you’re feeling like you are slipping into a coma (and not an outfit), replace your shorts and tee ensemble with a maxi dress, like this one from Free People. You’ll still be cool (temperature-wise) but, with the same amount of effort it takes to slip into your shorts and top, you will look a lot more feminine and pulled together. Not to mention, a maxi dress is bend-friendly. All you need is a flat pair of sandals and you’re dressed.

Stylish Mom Looks #4- Instead of a basic pair of jeans, try white jeans instead

Stylish Mom Looks

Signature Fit White bootcut jeans

Can you imagine your life had jeans never been invented? I can’t. Jeans are a staple whether you have kids or not. However, too many pairs of jeans can get pretty boring. One big trend has been towards white jeans like these from Talbot’s. Now, I know, I know, I can just hear the screams of moms saying that white jeans are a mom no-no because of grubby hands and juice box stains. But hear me out moms, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on a pair and you also don’t have to wear them everyday. Perhaps these aren’t perfect for the playground, but what about having them in your closet as something to wear when you are doing non-mom things, like meeting some friends for lunch, attending a non-child event or when you just want to feel a bit daring? Come on, your whole entire wardrobe doesn’t have to be childproofed.

On that note, I wish all of you moms out there a fantastic, restful and happy Mother’s Day. May all your breakfasts be served in bed on Sunday!