Lindsey PollakLindsey Pollak and I have been friends for years so I am thrilled to have her featured in our Style Minute series. She is a Career & Workplace Expert and LinkedIn Spokesperson. Currently, Lindsey is working on the 2nd edition of her book, “Getting from College to Career,” and speaking frequently to corporations about managing generational differences in the workplace. She helps individuals and organizations adapt to the changing world of work in the 21st Century. She loves studying up on workplace trends and then sharing this information with people who can really benefit from it. Plus, she gets totally energized from speaking and feels so lucky to do work that she loves.

In addition to feeling lucky to spend a lot of her time learning, reading, consulting and building relationships, for fun she spends time with her husband, friends, family and going to theater and movies. She’s obsessed with playing Words with Friends on her iPad. (Note to self: I am an avid Words with Friends player, too. I need to get a game going with my friend Lindsey!)

In the meantime, before I go searching for a triple score word to play against Lindsey Pollak, let’s take a Style Minute with her.

My closet: Is color-coordinated because I’m a Virgo

Favorite thing to wear: strapless dresses

Favorite shoes: Prada wedge peep-toes (bought on sale!)

Favorite stores: Theory and Diane Von Furstenberg

Most regrettable fashion purchase: Expensive jeans one size too small, thinking they would be incentive to work out more

I know I look good when: I have my hair blown out

If I was attended the Oscars I would wear: something classic

Favorite magazine: New York

Favorite Color: sprout green

Most prized accessory: my wedding ring

Shopping is: best done online

Last purchase: cute spring flats

Favorite clothing era: 1920s flappers

My inspiration: women on the streets of New York

My style: classic and tailored with a touch of bright color