Real Life FashionThis blog is about real life fashion and my work with a client.  What an awesome morning I just had.  I had an appointment with one of our regular clients who I LOVE working with.  I just got her ready for the summer.  It was a total success and I wanted to share some of the awesome things we found.  Our client agreed to let us photograph a few of the items and blog about them today.  To protect her privacy, her face is not included in the pictures and we’re also not going to give you her name.  So, let’s just call her Mrs. Fabulous because she is definitely fabulous along with being A LOT of fun to work with!

To give you a little backstory, Mrs. Fabulous is a NYC mom of two adorable boys who works part time as a teacher.  She’s quite petite and she is definitely a pleasure to dress.  Her style is modern meets feminine.  With her personal style and lifestyle, we find that BCBG along with Anthropologie are two great stores to find the feminine modern balance for her wardrobe.  Today these two stores did not disappoint us.  They’re also really service friendly.  Anthropologie didn’t just give us the corner of their entire dressing room and all the racks we needed, but they gave us their personal shopper who attended to our needs like we were her only customer.  Additionally, at BCBG they were close at hand at all times, especially when we needed to order and ship a piece in the right size from their Soho store when they didn’t have it.

In addition to all this personalized service at the stores, as a company, my goal is to provide my clients with excellent service.  One of the ways we do this is by pre-shopping and putting pieces on hold for our clients the day before our appointment together so a client has to do is walk straight into the dressing room and try on what we have pulled.

So, here are some of the things we purchased and why.

The Playsuit

Real Life Fashion

Mrs. Fabulous in BCBG’s playful yet elegant playsuit

We’ve talked about the playsuit here on this blog already.  It is a big trend for summer.  I have been dying to get one of our clients into this particular one by BCBG. Well, today this playsuit found its rightful owner.  With Mrs. Fabulous’ modern yet feminine style, not to mention her petite frame and awesome legs, it was a home run.  This piece comes in black as well as navy.   I suggested a wonderful pair of statement earrings as an accessory and a great clutch.  Additionally, what we love best about this particular playsuit is that she can wear it with a pair of  heels or she can also dress it down with a great pair of sandals.

And, speaking of sandals.

Real life fashion

BCBG Mushroom Sandals. LOVE

Check these out!  Can you say gorgeous?   This is the hottest shoe color this season.  I have decided to name this color mushroom.  It’s a great neutral that can be worn with everything.  We particularly love it with navy.  If your wardrobe has gotten too tan shoe heavy, consider mushroom as an alternative.  These particular mushroom sandals were found at BCBG.

White Jeans

real life fashion

This mom isn’t afraid of white jeans!

Next, we got this mom into white jeans and we LOVED Mrs. Fabulous’ attitude about them.  While some moms are a bit gun shy about embracing white jeans into their wardrobe, not Mrs. Fabulous.  Instead, she said, “Well that is what bleach is for.”  You go girl!  We loved these boot cut jeans that we got at Anthropologie.  And, Mrs. Fabulous loved the idea of white bottoms so much that she also bought a pair of white cropped jeans which she plans on incorporating into her wardrobe when the weather turns from warm to hot.

The top was also found at Anthropologie and not only is navy a great summer alternative to black but, with the white jeans, it addresses the nautical trend for summer without it looking like Mrs. Fabulous should be sailing a boat.  Add those mushroom sandals to the outfit– Total delish.

real life fashion

Rearview of the fabulous white jeans

It’s not often that a white pair of jeans does a woman’s booty justice, however, check Mrs. Fabulous’ behind out.  She was so happy with the way this pair fit that she requested a back shot be taken.  Who does that?  Have we told you how much we love working with her?

In addition to these fabulous pieces, Mrs. Fabulous walked away with a lot of great summer dresses and novelty tees , a great sequence tank that Mrs. Fabulous can use to dress up a pair of jeans, and some great elegant shorts she bought and can be worn as a skirt replacement.  Our biggest problem was editing down to avoid duplication in Mrs. Fabulous’ wardrobe.  Imagine having the feeling when you shop that you have so much great stuff to choose from that you have to figure out what to put back.  While it’s not often that most women feel this way while waging their own war in the dressing room, when you work with me it is.

We outfitted Mrs. Mrs. Fabulous summer in two hours total.  Add that time  I took the day before to pre-pull stuff from the stores and you’re looking at Mrs. Fabulous’ entire summer wardrobe to be shopped for, tried-on and purchased in three hours!  As she left our appointment she remarked that doing this summer shopping by herself would have cost a lot more time and and a lot more money, and that includes our rate.  I also look forward to my next seasonal shopping trip in September when I will get Mrs. Fabulous set for fall.