how to wear khakis

Khakis are a snooze unless you do something to them

Want to learn how to wear khakis in an exciting way this spring?  Khaki (the color and the fabric) is hot this spring and summer.  But, let’s be honest, for many it is a trend that never really dies even though many are bored to death by it.

For those of you in a khaki coma, there are ways that you can liven up this trend  by getting the defibrillator and shocking it with some color!  Many women are afraid of wearing color, unless it is with black, so I am here to say that whatever colors you wear with black, in most cases, you can also wear with khaki.  Just make sure the colors you’re wearing with your khakis (if you’re choosing more than one) complement each other.

A Khaki pair of pants can a real bore.  But, if you spice them up with color you’ll give this snores-ville staple a fresh look.  Here are some examples of how to infuse your khaki with color this summer.

How to Wear Khakis


how to wear khakis

Add some brightness!

Here is a color combination using brightness of pink and purple.

how to wear khakis

Mixing Khakis and Brights

I love this fun, bright top by Geren Ford, available on shocked with some pink, like this fun clutch from my favorite handbag company Latico Leathers.

how to wear khakis

Push the Combination Boundary

This is the season to push color combinations that are more daring.  If you start with a neutral base, like a warm grey khaki shade, you have a great jumping off point for something a bit quirky.

how to wear khakis

Let’s take this great dress by Coolibar (a personal fave.  I have this exact dress in my wardrobe.)  Not only does this dress give you UPF 50 and 98% UV protection, this dress is a great color to bring in a unexpected pop of color.

how to wear khakis

Khaki with a daring color combination

Let’s imagine this dress with a swank pair of yellow summer sandals, like these available at, paired with this great wave bracelet by Kate Spade.

how to wear khakis


Get the Drab Out

Olive Drab can be such a drag if it isn’t popped with some fun.

How to wear khakis

Let’s add some punch with a teal shade (a great complementary color to olive) and then wow it some orange!!

Hit a more somber color combination with a bright shade like orange

You can try pairing a top like this top by Alloy with the pants.  However, it sure could use a punch of something.  What about orange like these wedges by Nine West?

Business Friendly Khaki

For those who work in an office environment that requires a suit, a khaki suit is a must have like this D&G one from Saks.

how to wear khakis

Instead of grabbing your same-old-same-old handbag, predictable shoes along with a boring white or black tank underneath, take these opportunities to get colorful!

how to wear khakis

Be bold, be daring, go for more than two colors in your outfits!

A way to bring in lots of color is with statement shoes, like these one by Manolo Blahnik that have a ton of color.  Next, grab a great tote that is colorful like this one from Banana Republic and layer something clean and soft underneath, like this Robert Rodriguez Cowl Neck Top available at Neiman Marcus.

how to wear khakis