Skinny Jeans Hazardous to your healthAre skinny jeans hazardous to your health?  Okay, so first we found out that leggings could be making you fat, and now we’re learning that skinny jeans can cause a heap of medical issues including yeast infections, gastrointestinal problems, cramps, blood clots and pinched nerves.

Funny story.  Years ago, when I was a fashion designer I had the luxury of going to Europe twice a year.  My boss and I would shop a lot looking at trends in stores, etc.  When we would pick up a pair of hot pants we would hold them up and call them “Yeast Infection Shorts.”  Totally gross,  I know, but now I can’t help but call them that when I see a pair.  However, I never knew that tight pants could in fact cause a yeast infection.  Well, so they say…whoever “they” are.

skinny jeans hazardous to your health

Anyway,  these experts say that skinny jeans are hazardous to your health because they can pinch a nerve that runs along the thigh and pelvis, causing you to feel a tingling sensation.  Additionally, tight jeans can cause abdominal cramping and stomach problems, if worn too tight, and vajajay problems like yeast infections because of lady parts suffocation.


skinny jeans hazardous to your healthIt’s not just jeans that are the possible cuprit, according to Consumer Reports.  Spanx, if worn too often, can cause “Spanx overdose” which is a symptom of a tingling sensation in the thigh area due to a compressed nerve in the pelvis.  Unbeknownst to me, young athletes have been wearing Spanx on the playing field causing this injury.  Why are young girls wearing Spanx in the first place…especially to play sports?