It’s funny how an incident can turn out to be fodder for a blog.  On a cross town bus last week, I mentioned to my friend that since she was over 50 she should be reading my bi-weekly blog.  I handed her my card with the information and the next thing I knew, the woman seated next to me asked “You write a blog?”  I said yes and handed her a card. We began talking and I told her that it was for women ‘over 50 and fabulous’.  She perked up and asked if I had addressed the subjects of plastic surgery and dermatology.  I said ‘no’ but that I would think about it.

Well, I have and I am ‘taking the plunge!’

Many women do not want to ‘go under the knife’ but there are alternatives.  Most plastic surgeons have a supply of line filling injectables, such as Restylane, Juvaderm and Radiesse. They are not prohibitive in cost and can last six months or longer. Deep lines and jowls which come with age can be filled in and are non-invasive.

I, myself, go to Dr. Alan Matarasso, a New York City plastic surgeon, twice a year for such treatments.  It makes a difference and, most importantly, gives me a ‘new lease on life!’  My dermatologist, Dr. Jacqueline Beer, offers microdermabrasion and laser treatments which smooth out the skin and reduce age spots.

I won’t lie and tell you that I haven’t had some surgery.  I had  a neck lift a while back and am thrilled with the results.  Now, don’t get me wrong!  not everyone wants or needs surgery, but, if you do, make sure that you go to a Board Certified physician.

And, ladies, make no mistake about it. FIFTY OR MORE PERCENT OF PLASTIC SURGERY PATIENTS ARE MEN!!!!!

Remember, if you do opt for any of these procedures, make sure you are doing it to please yourself and no one else!

Patti Mazzola has had a passion for fashion her whole life. As a StyleConsultant for Bridgette Raes Style Group, she plans on using her years of incredible knowledge and passion to show women how they can dress successfully and comfortably at the same time… while getting a great sale. Patti is available in Manhattan for individual style consultation.