jorjeggings Okay, first we had Jeggings, then we had Treggings and how we have….get this…JorJeggings!

I can’t…I just can’t with these names.

What exactly are JorJeggings?  Well it is a jean short (also known as jort, apparently because we’ve all gotten too lazy to just call them jean shorts) leggings.  JorJeggings.  Basically, it’s a denim looking bicycle short that you wear out on the street.

I still can’t.

Where Can You Purchase Jorjeggings…if you actually want to own a pair

Bloomingdales has a pair by Hue that, honestly, are as short of my Bikram yoga shorts.  Bikram yoga being the only place I would wear such a thing, I can’t imagine how well shaped you’d need to be to wear these out and about.   If you want a slightly longer pair, like the ones pictured, here they are, also by Hue, available at Bloomingdales.

JorJeggings.  There you have it.