hail to the v ads According to Summer’s Eve, if your vagina had a voice this is what it would sound like.  Check out their new “Hail to the ‘V'”  ads that gives me, shall we say, a not so fresh feeling.  And, apparently, I’m not the only one.   I just read an article that these ads are being blasted as being racist.  Do you agree?

Creating a talking vagina through the use of a hand shape, in these commercials we’re offered friendly advice about keeping our lady parts fresh.  And, apparently our “wonders down under”, as this ad likes to call our vaginas, come in a variety of ethnic (and offensive) stereotypical voices.  Like this one with a groove sistah voice.  Do all black women go to da club?

And let us not forget our Latina sisters whose vaginas instantaneously can start speaking in spanish (ala Ricky Ricardo) when they get heated.

No, I’m not kidding.

Of course, all of us white ladies aren’t ignored either.  God, apparently our vaginas are about as vanilla as we are.

I wonder how much Summer’s Eve paid to have someone ruin their business?

Look, nothing was worse than the old school Douche ads.  Remember them?  The advertisements would always have some woman in a billowy dress walking between fresh sheets hanging on a clothes line that happened to pop up in the middle of a daisy field, or something equally ridiculous.  Or, how about the Massengill commercial where the daughter asks mer mother, “Mom, have you ever had that ‘not so fresh feeling?'”

Let’s take a peak at some retro douche ads, shall we?

And now, I can’t stop myself. Here is another oldie, but goodie. Because we always share douche preferences like swapping recipes, right?

Lordy, Lordy, Lordy.  Hail to the V?  Try, Hail to the WTF!?