As you may know, this month my company Bridgette Raes Style Group is celebrating our 9th year in business and we’re currently running this promotion to celebrate it!    This is a big milestone for us, but certainly not as big as the big 10 will be next year!

Well, I want to start the 10 year celebration now and have asked some past clients to help me out.

Over the next twelve months, once a month, we will be featuring a post called “In Their Own Words” which will feature an update from a past client and some reflection on their experience of working with me and my company.  The last of these 12 posts will run on next September, the month that we will celebrate our 10 years in business.

To kick things off with this feature, we are starting with my past client, turned valued friend Amanda Goldfarb who I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!  Yes, all our clients turn into personal friends because we love them SO much!

I will never forget when Amanda called me for help.  She was in a perfect place to be seeking me out.  She had just married, she was looking to transition out of her current career and grow her look up a bit while still maintaining a sense of herself.  It was nothing but a pleasure to work with Amanda and watch her style and confidence blossom as a result.



 Amanda Goldfarb

Location: Northampton, Massachusetts

Year worked with Bridgette Raes Style Group: 2007

 “I credit BSRG for giving me more confidence in how I present myself to others and to the world, and for showing me that my body is beautiful.” -Amanda Goldfarb

Here is Amanda’s experience of working with BRSG in her own words:

What made you decide to reach out to BRSG for image and style help? I had WAAAY too many clothes in my closet, from so many different periods of my life (think Freshman year of college). My style had been changing and evolving through my 20’s, and so much of what I owned didn’t reflect my matured, updated sense of style. Plus I was holding onto clothes (like those super cute, super tight going-out jeans) that just didn’t fit anymore. I hated looking at them all the time, and I needed support around letting them go.

Did you have any hesitations about reaching out? If so, what were they?  I was afraid to give up the clothes that I loved, but maybe weren’t so fashion conscious, or that didn’t fit me. Like my hippie dresses that I still wear. A lot.

If you did have hesitations, what made you finally contact BRSG and book an appointment?  I had heard from friends about how amazing BRSG was, and that Bridgette worked WITH you instead of telling you what was fashionable and what wasn’t. If these other women were happy with the results, I figured I could give it a try, too.

What was the greatest challenge you were struggling with in your wardrobe at the time you called to book an appointment?   Too many different styles and looks, and difficulty coordinating outfits. Oh yeah, and finding pants that fit!

What was going on in your personal life at the time you made your appointment?  I was out of college for a few years and I was taking on more and more responsibilities at work. I felt that my wardrobe needed to be spiffed up, reflect a more professional version of me, yet I’m not a suit person. I wanted professional chic.

I had also just gotten married and my social life was changing. I wasn’t going out for late nights on the town, and I had a lot of cute but sexy “going out” outfits that didn’t fit my new lifestyle (who wants to lie on the sofa watching a movie while wearing a mini skirt and a halter top)

What did you learn from the consultations with BRSG that were most memorable and that you still find yourself using today?  My color palate. I now know what colors look best on me and I choose them often. I don’t buy black anymore! That was HUGE for me as a New Yorker, but as I learned black doesn’t really flatter anyone. I’m proud to say I don’t purchase any more black tops! I also learned to dress for my shape. Sadly, those hippie dresses I am so fond of aren’t cut for my body shape, but I’ve managed to find some that are. It’s a win-win! I also learned about accessorizing, and how important it is to complement an outfit. And lastly, Bridgette really taught me how to express myself through well-fitting clothes which I felt comfortable in. Oh, and I still use this line: “Where are you going to wear that?” If I can’t name at least 2 places I would wear an item, I don’t buy it!

How would you describe the experience of working with BRSG?   I can’t say enough about how working with Bridgette changed the way I shop, both at stores and in my closet. I’m such a discerning customer, and through Bridgette’s guidance, I’ve fostered love and compassion for my body shape.

What was the most surprising thing you found about working with BRSG? What did you get out of it that you weren’t expecting to?   I was surprised that I was really ready to get rid of the clothing that didn’t fit, but I just needed someone to hold my hand. I had attached wonderful memories to so many of the items (oh, the fun times in those “clubbing” tops), but I quickly realized that they didn’t support who I had become.

How has your life progressed since working with BRSG?  A few big things have happened since working with BRSG. First, I changed careers, and I am now finishing up training to become a registered dietitian. I created my healthy living website and blog,, which has been an incredibly creative outlet for me. Next, I moved to Western Massachusetts from New York City.   I’m living in serious farm country now, but I couldn’t be happier! (I can wear my hippie dresses in peace up here). I have done a lot of “inner” work on making peace with my body, my weight, and developing compassion for my body as it is today. It has made me realize that I want to work with other women around this issue. And lastly, and most importantly, I am happier than I have EVER been. Next up for me: starting a family!

 I credit BSRG for giving me more confidence in how I present myself to others and to the world, and for showing me that my body is beautiful.

What would you say to someone who is thinking of calling BRSG for style help but may have hesitations?  CALL! Seriously the best thing you can do for yourself, to up-level your look and your life. It’s an amazing feeling to look in your closet and know that everyone fits and everything represents the true you.

How would you describe the process of working with BRSG?Enlightening. Fun. Eye-opening. Cleansing. Fabulous!

Do you want to be as satisfied with your wardrobe as Amanda is?  Contact us further about our services!  We offer a complimentary 30 minute over-the-phone style assessment to get a real sense of your wardrobe and style needs.  To check them out visit our website at


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Bridgette Raes is the president of Bridgette Raes Style Group, author of the book Style Rx: Dressing the Body You Have to Create the Body You Want and a sought-after spokesperson, style expert and writer for many media outlets including CNN, Good Morning America and Real Simple Magazine. She and her Style Consultants are available worldwide for consultation, in-person or virtually.