Do you remember Mrs. Fabulous from last season?   Well, Mrs. Fabulous is back this fall looking better than ever.  After just one shopping trip that took only 2 hours, we got everything she needed to look great this season.

After we complete a shopping trip with a client, the usual next step is to go back to their home and help them put outfits together ensuring that they will maximize everything new (and old) in their wardrobe.  The photos from Mrs. Fabulous’ outfit session were so, well, fabulous, that I wanted to share them with you.

How we start is we usually ask out client to pull out a piece that they are having a hard time with.  In addition to being a mom of two, Mrs. Fabulous is a part-time teacher and was struggling with how to wear some of her basic work pants that are, for lack of a better word, forgettable.  Well, we made them unforgettable with some really easy additions that anyone can do.

This is another work pant that Mrs. Fabulous felt needed some help.  It was so fun to put these looks together.  One thing to note is that when you combine prints with other colors they don’t have to match, the only have to complement.  In the photo on the left, the yellow show pops a more somber neutral outfit, in the middle, that pink cardigan pops the entire outfit and in the animal print photo on the right the boldness of the animal print is tamed by the softer soft grey cashmere cardi.

Next, some causal looks.  Mrs. Fabulous wanted to take a tunic that she loved wearing all summer with white jeans and give it a fall look.  If you check out her post from last season, there is a photo of her wearing the tunic on the left with the white jeans.  Two bring it into this season, we belted it with a recently purchased grey belt and a pair of skinny cargos we bought two seasons ago.  We grabbed a pair of her pre-owned cognac boots and threw this  new scarf into the look that complements the navy tunic yet pops it with some additional color.  In the look on the right, we took the luxurious great cashmere cardigan (also seen in a work outfit above), paired it with the same skinny cargos and added a fun new spangly tank that gives the look a little more pizazz.  To finish the look we offered her the idea to either stick with the cognac boot or throw on a black leather bootie instead.

Mrs. Fabulous also purchased this awesome pair of camouflage leggings from BCBG at our shopping trip.  We knew she was one of our few clients who could pull these pants off.  Wanting to see her maximize the pants, we gave her three easy looks.

The first look is a bit more bold with an asymmetric grey sweater, that we purchased last fall, layered with a taupe-y mushroom colored t-shirt underneath that gives the outfit a little more length and dimension.

Next, loving a long vest that we bought last fall as well, we partnered a long sleeve warm grey t-shirt under it, used the belt photographed several times above and partnered with those funky pants.  Our goal is to get her a pair of black boots that she can wear with this outfit, so the brown boots currently partnered with the outfit are stand-ins.  Shoe shopping is our next trip.  Clearly, Mrs. Fabulous felt very “rock and roll” in this outfit.

Lastly, a simple, cozy brown cardigan popped with this wine t-shirt underneath makes this outfit much more casual and easy to throw on when she needs to run and pick up the kids.

Next up, orange skinny corduroys.  It wasn’t hard to get Mrs. Fabulous to consider these pants at our last shopping trip, however, she was adamant that we show her how to wear them.  We wanted to make them as user friendly as possible and give her daytime looks that are comfortable.

First up, we took the cardigan from the last outfit and refreshed the look with a simple white t-shirt underneath.  That great scarf from one of the prior outfits complements the orange pants and is a great “grab-and-go” piece she can wear with the look when it starts getting a bit cooler.

Next, we took a very cool, relaxed brown sweater from Anthropologie that is short and slouchy and threw that same taupe-y mushroom colored t–shirt from a prior outfit underneath.  Next to this outfit you can also see those camouflage leggings.  They were put there to remind Mrs. Fabulous that this whole look can also be worn with those pants should she want to change it up.

Of course, jeans were on the agenda.  Everyone knows how to wear basics with jeans so we wanted to show her some easy pulled together looks that require no additional effort.

First, we put this new BCBG cardigan with that same basic white t-shirt and belted it with that same black belt, used previously.  Throw on a black bootie or a riding style boot and she is good to go.  We also suggested that she can pop the look with a red flat  or red necklace as well.

Next, taking those same jeans, we took a slim black turtleneck,  already in her wardrobe, and placed it under this unique top from Anthropologie.  With just the addition of a yellow flat the outfit has a bit more excitement.  Of course, she can always stick with black, but we like to always show ways to add bonus interest to an outfit.

Lastly, mustard skinny jeans, a stretch for sure.  Mrs. Fabulous being someone who isn’t afraid of color, she purchased these during our last shopping trip.  Wanting to show her how to maximize them we put these two looks together.

First, using that same slouchy brown top from before, we put a clean white t-shirt underneath and gave her the option to either pop the look with her fabulous orange flat or stick with a neutral boot.   Her call.

Next, taking the same pants and pairing it with a gorgeous printed top from Anthropologie that picks up the color of the mustard shade in the pants, we suggested a cognac boot.  Pictured next to the mustard pants is a pair of jeans which suggests that, when she wants to change it up, she can just wear jeans, instead.