Cashmere JumpsuitI don’t know about you but once the temperature starts going down, I care less and less about fashion.  Last winter was brutally cold here in Northeast and I don’t think my UGGS left my feet until the first thaw and sign of spring.  When it’s cold, clothing can become very function driven.  However, it isn’t long before a sweater and jeans can get way boring and stale to wear.  Therefore I wanted to give you some early winter fashion advice that may be useful to help you still feel hot while you’re cold.  You don’t have to give up your sweaters and jeans, necessarily, but you can have some fun with them while keeping the frostbite away!

Here are some ideas:

At first glance, this outfit looks like your typical winter outfit, however, there are a lot of hot elements going on here that can keep you very warm when it gets cold.  The first is a Heattecch Turtleneck from Uniqlo that is a rayon mix that actually absorbs the moisture generated by the body and converts it into heat.  Plus, it’s only $19.00!    Next, the boots by Keen Silverton are insulated and waterproof.  Lastly, cashmere isn’t only the yard of the Gods but it is also incredibly warm, like this one by J. Crew.  Throw on a hat, your jeans and some accessories and this outfit should keep you pretty warm while feeling hot.

Sometimes jeans aren’t an option but baring your legs can be downright frigid.  First, choose a dress with some warmth, like this cashmere dress by J. Jill.  Next, I am sort of blown away by Uniqlo’s Heattech opaque tights which are heat generating and heat retaining.  Throw on a comfortable riding boot, a necklace and wind a cashmere scarf around your neck.  Lastly, I just thought these UGG earmuffs were so cute that I had to include them.

Fur vests are available at any price-point (faux or real) and it’s a great way to be hot while you’re cold.  Paired with a pair of taupe jeans, a brown turtleneck and these fun fur lined boots available on, all you need to do is throw on some fun bracelets, maybe a hat like this cloche from Anthropologie and you’ve got a hot look.

This last look is sort of over-the-top fabulous but I couldn’t resist putting it together when I saw this cashmere jumpsuit on Net-a-Porter.  And, while we’re going over the top with winter fashion, I decided to put it with a fur collared cardigan, some gorgeous platform Miu Miu boots and some luxe gold accessories.