A handbag can easily make or break an outfit, yet many of us carry the same boring purse daily.  It’s understandable why most women do this.   They want t be able to use one bag with everything so they don’t have to change bags with each outfit.

However, what if I told you that you don’t have to give up function for style and that there are some affordable, stylish and functional handbags out there that can be used everyday?   Don’t believe me?

Here are some handbags and how they pop some everyday looks.

This taupe-green bag from Aldo is only $55.00 dollars. Dont let this shade fool you, it can work with any color in your closet from neutrals like black and brown to any colorful shade you may have in your closet.

In this outfit, you can see how a bag like this really amps up the overall look. The taupe shade warms the outfit up while complementing the rich wine shade of the boot.

This bag by Jessica Simpson( for only $98.00) is one of the most versatile handbag colors you can own. Forget your black bag because a mid-brown shade such as this, can work with browns and black.

In this outfit you can see how a mid-brown bag like this works with a black cardigan and creates a more polished look.

This classically chic tote ( for only $60.00)  shows that brown and black don’t always have to be foes. It adds a finished and elegant look to any outfit.

Don’t limit your black suits to black accessorites. Warm them up with a luggage colored shoe and the two-toned bag which pulls it all together.

If your going to go for a black bag choose one that has some novelty interest like this textured one by Big Buddha for only $90.00.

Instead of having a black bag just hang there lifelessly off your shoulder, think about your overall outfit so the bag harmonizes with what you are wearing.