In my many years of working with clients, I’ve encountered two clients with extraordinarily narrow feet.    Until I met them, I really didn’t understand how challenging it was to buy shoes that fit.  People with narrow feet can’t just walk into a shoes store and pick a pair of shoes.   They also tend to hoard shoes because, when they do find a pair at a store that fit, they don’t want to miss out… even if they don’t know when or where they’ll wear the pair.

And let’s not get started with the pain involved in wearing shoes that are too wide.  One of my clients with narrow feet told me that she feels like she plays blister-round-robin as she always has at least one blister on her foot in the process of healing.  Sure, if someone with narrow feet could just stand there and look pretty in their shoes that’d be fine; but God-forbid they have to walk anywhere.   Oh, and ask a friend with narrow feet how many pairs of socks they need to wear with sneakers or tennis shoes and you may be surprised to hear it is often multiple pairs.

Is there a store that caters to special sized feet?   Well, there are few, actually.   Nordstrom has a decent selection of special widths as does Zappos.  Another resource few are familiar with is Marmi Shoes that has a few store locations throughout the country along with a great online shopping site.   Their prices are reasonable and the styles aren’t frumpy…a common problem found with shoes in special widths.

Let’s take a look at a few:

This comfortable, yet stylish, wedge pump is a great update for a work shoe. Available in black or this great bronze color in narrow sizes.

This fun fall bootie with a touch of leopard trim would be great with a pair of leggings or opaque tights.

Add a punch of color to your outfit with this red platform shoe. Available in black, as well.

Add a timeless finish to every casual outfit with these knee-high riding boots.

Loafers can be so boring and traditional, but when they have a touch of animal print they go from blah to bodacious!