Apparently, it is all about big, bold and bright color in fashion for the holiday season.  I’m actually sort of excited about this.  As we pull into the final month of the year, regardless of the fact that it is a time for celebration, many of us may feel tired, stressed and, by the time Christmas arrives, just ready for it all to be over so we can finally be left alone to hibernate until the first spring thaw.  The holiday season asks a lot of us, yet something about infusing it with bright color makes it a bit more exciting… like a much needed swig of Red Bull.

Sure, we can all just go out and buy a new brightly colored cashmere sweater to wear with our stalwart black pants or a brightly colored dress and call it a holiday outfit, but what if we want to take it a step further and really brighten up our look this holiday?  How can we do that without looking more lit than our Christmas tree?  Color, especially when it comes to combining two colors together, can freak a lot of people out.  It takes a certain sense of assuredness to play with color and to know that you’re doing it right.

The way to do it realistically is to think about the pop and accent of your outfit and choosing two colors that play off each other well.  The nice thing about focusing on doing it this way is you can take much of what you already own and just infuse your outfits with splash of final color.  Here are some examples:

Here we have an outfit that looks pretty basic– a pair of basic grey pants and a purple cardigan.  However, by just twisting the look through the introduction of a clutch in a surprising color this outfit gets a jolt.  Additionally add a versatile python pump and a pair of exciting earrings and this is a great casual, yet colorful, holiday look.

Brightly colored wool coats are quite popular this winter.  While they may be bright enough, if you want to amp up the look even more, consider adding a complementing color through the way of your hat, gloves and scarf.  For example, instead of going with an expected grey or black glove, I grabbed a pair of Echo Design Cashmere Gloves (that let you use the touch screen of your smartphone while your fingers stay warm) to pump up the volume and add a little interest.   With a pair of skinny pants and a dependable Frye boot, you’ll look great on the streets in a look like this, this holiday.

Teal has been a hot color for many seasons now.  If you’re looking to give something teal in your wardrobe a refresher, considering adding a pop color through your accessories.  Being a very versatile shade, it works with a lot of color options, like yellow, bright green, purple and even orange, like the
bracelet shown here
and available at that offers a bit of an update to this cardigan.  Partnered with a simple, yet modern tassel earrings you’re outfit is colorful and good to go.

If you’re heading to a holiday party and want to look seasonally festive, you can go with a dress in an emerald green, like the one pictured, however, don’t accessorize in an expected manner if you have the opportunity to do something more exciting.  Instead, choose something that adds a pop of additional color like with a brightly colored shoe, like this yellow pair from GLAM.  All you need to finish the look would be a fun pair of earrings, a sassy cocktail ring and an
eye-catching clutch.