With the growing popularity of the Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties, it’s hip to be square nowadays.  However, there are still Ugly Ugly  Christmas Sweaters, regardless of how cool they are.  Here are my top ten of the Ugliest Ugly Christmas Sweaters of all time.

#10: Ms. Matchy-Matchy 

You’ve got to love any woman who can match a purse to an ugly Christmas sweater.

#9: Mr. Illumination

It’s not a Top 10 ugly Christmas sweater list unless one sweater requires batteries…or a very long extension chord.

#8-  Fruit Loop Festive

Some prefer to put out the Chex Mix for a holiday celebration, but this person clearly prefers the Fruit Loop Mix, instead.

#7-  BYOT (Bring Your Own Tree)

Mary came home to a message on her answering machine that went a little something like this: “Hi Mary, so glad you’re coming to my Christmas party. I’m just calling everyone to see if they wouldn’t mind bringing something to the get together. I have Sue down for wine, Peggy for cheese and dip and I wanted to see if I could make you a yes for bringing the tree! You’re a doll, thanks Mary.”

#6- Deck the Ugly Sweater 

The stockings were hung to the ugly Christmas sweater with care…

#5- Occupy Bethlehem 

This sweater will be a great conversation piece at your next ugly sweater party. Either a police officer is spraying Baby Jesus with a hose or one of Wise Men is getting cheeky with their frankincense or myrrh.

#4 What a Dick-y 

It seems that nothing can be worse than an ugly Christmas sweater.  Yet, pair it with an exposed dicky and it brings the look to a whole new level.

#3  I  Spring for Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Wow, she really sprung for quite an ugly Christmas sweater look, didn’t she?

#2- Ho Ho Holy 10lbs. of Monkey Crap in a 5Lb. Ugly Christmas Sweater

This guy needs to lay off the eggnog

#1- Rudolph the Red Boobed Reindeer Ugly Christmas Sweater

This is the woman at the party who clearly needs a lot of attention.  Where does one find a red lightbulb pasty?  Rudolph looks petrified to be there.

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