This morning, I spent time doing a SMT (Satellite Media Tour) where I visited a few morning shows, via satellite, and talked about my top 3 tips on sticking with the New Year’s Resolutions you have made…on which you may have already started to cave.

When it comes to resolutions, we can often be very hard on ourselves, which is why they often fail.  Instead, this year, I want you to see resolutions are fun and rewarding vs. hard and overwhelming.  I have three tips to help you accomplish that.

Tip #1- Have a Morning Mantra

I used to wake up every morning and immediately start thinking about everything I had to do and all my bills and work and …. but a few years ago I learned to wake up with a morning mantra and start my morning off right.  It can be anything from a little saying or a song or a prayer.

Also many people don’t realize that LIGHT – like diet, exercise, and sleep – is actually a key pillar of wellness!  So in the morning I like to use an alarm clock that simulates the natural sunrise instead of one using a jarring sound.  Philips Wake-up Light
is amazing because it does just that.  It gradually brightens to prepare your body to wake up.

Also during the dark winter months, you can also use something like the Philips goLITE BLU Light Therapy Device to stay energized.  This is a favorite of mine.  Not only do I use it in the winter to combat the winter blahs, but on days where I can’t get out of my office, I love having it propped up on my desk to boots my energy and mood!  It works really well because the light simulates a clear blue sky.

Philips Pro rechargeable, energy light


#2- Don’t Deprive Yourself

I totally make little deals with myself to get myself to achieve my goals.  It can be as simple as once I’ve written a blog post I can get a manicure.  Or once I’ve paid some bills I can surf the web for 20 minutes or treat myself to a magazine.  The whole idea is balance and not depriving yourself of the things you love especially when it comes to losing weight, which is one of the top 5 resolutions every year. I have found that I can more easily stick to my healthy eating if I continue to keep the things I love and not deprive myself. For example, I don’t drink soda often, but I enjoy one every once and a while.  As they say, everything in moderation.  If you are watching your calories and you are a soda lover, low- and no-calorie beverages can help you stay on track. Try Diet Coke which is a great no-calorie option and Coke Zero which has zero calories and tastes like regular Coke. If you make smarter choices that still keep the things you live, it is easier to stick to your plan and achieve your goals.

If you make smarter choices that still keep the things you live, it is easier to stick to your plan and achieve your goals.

#3- Twenty Minute Rule

Last, is my twenty minute rule. I can do anything for 20 minutes.  So if your resolution is exercise – set your timer for twenty minutes and do it.  If it’s to get more organized – twenty minutes!  If it’s to get your finances in order, setting a timer for twenty minutes and doing that every day will help you get towards your goal.  If you set a resolution like lose 30 lbs. or to get out of debt, those goals seem so overwhelming.  Instead, set more specific goals that you can focus on daily.  This is why the Twenty Minute Rule works!

So just to recap most importantly be NICE to yourself – start with a morning mantra, give yourself little rewards and follow the 20 minute rule.  If you fall off the resolution wagon again, don’t beat yourself, just get up and try again!