Four months ago, I introduced a new monthly series that will run until next September, 2012, the month that my company, Bridgette Raes Style Group will celebrate its 10th year in business.This feature is called “In Their Own Words” which will feature an update from a past client and some reflection on their experience of working with me and my company.

This month, I am featuring past client Anne Townsend.  I met Anne after working with several of her friends.  In fact, there was a point where I was working with two of her neighbors who lived, not only in the same apartment building as her, but on the same floor!  When I met Anne initially she always looked pulled together.  However, what I found out quickly was that, while she didn’t need a lot of help, she felt overwhelmed by how much she had in her closet that she wasn’t wearing.  While our work together was brief, I always appreciated how much she valued the information and skill I taught her.  She was a star student and client!  Whenever I see her she always looks great and truly has a sense of her own style!

Anne Townsend

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Year worked with Bridgette Raes Style Group: 2005

“I worked with Bridgette for a short time, but the lessons I learned stuck with me and I still use them today when thinking about my wardrobe.”


What made you decide to reach out to BRSG for image and style help?

A friend used Bridgette and she looked great.  I had reached a point where my closet was full with clothes, but I never had anything to wear.  A friend hosted a party in her home to get to know Bridgette.  I had a wonderful time and learned lots about how to work with the body I have and the clothes that work for me.

Did you have any hesitations about reaching out?  If so, what were they?

I loved the idea of working with someone to go through my closet, but I was worried about the expense and thought I might be able to do it on my own.  I did do a large closet edit on my own and then had Bridgette come in and help me fine tune.  She also helped me to work with what I had.

If you did have hesitations, what made you finally contact BRSG and book an appointment?

After seeing my friend looking so well put together, I knew a session with Bridgette would be well worth the money.

What was the greatest challenge you were struggling with in your wardrobe at the time you called to book an appointment?

A closet full of clothes and nothing to wear.

What was going on in your personal life at the time you made your appointment? Were you working towards goals or were there any life situations you were dealing with?  

I had recently stopped working in an office and started working as a consultant.  I no longer needed to be in work clothes all the time, but I still needed to look pulled together.

What did you learn from the consultation with BRSG that were most memorable and that you still find yourself using today?

I give more careful consideration when adding new items to my wardrobe.

How would you describe the experience of working with BRSG?

Working with Bridgette was a pleasure.  Her eye and attention to details was supper helpful – she is also a joy to spend time with.

What was the most surprising thing you found about working with BRSG?  What did you get out of it that you weren’t expecting to?

I worked with Bridgette for a short time, but the lessons I learned stuck with me and I still use them today when thinking about my wardrobe

How has your life progressed since working with BRSG?   

I feel a greater ease with fashion.

Do you think there is a stigma around reaching out for style and wardrobe help?  If so, why do you think that is?  

I think the perception is that working with a stylist is frivolous and only for those with money.  I found it hard to spend money to review my closet when I felt I could do it on my own.  However, working with Bridgette helped me to go further, consider many other options within my wardrobe and in the long run helped me save money by teaching me make more careful selections.

What would you say to someone who is thinking of calling BRSG for style help but may have hesitations?  

Just call it is worth every penny!

What words would use to best describe your experience with working Bridgette Raes Style Group?

Thought provoking, fun, exciting, rewarding, and life changing!

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