I throw the best awards show parties!  I get 1,500, or so, of some of the funniest people and we  talk about the show throughout the night…on my Facebook Page (and then out to Twittersphere.)  Yes, what started out as me bored in a hotel room a year ago while traveling has now turned into tradition.  At each televised awards show ceremony, I comment live on the fashion seen during the evening. While it is great fun to do, I really have to say that it is the commenting I receive from my peeps of my Facebook Page and Twitter that make it truly hysterical.

Below are some (not all, you’ll have to visit my Facebook Page to see everything) of the highlights from last night’s Social Media Golden Globe party.  (If you are having a hard time reading the comments in the photos, click the photos to see a larger view.)

Be sure to tune in for my next party, The Oscars on February 26th!

The snark started early when we all agreed that the top half of Elle Macphearson’s gown looked like the folded swan napkins you see at some restaurants.  But, like it matters, put her in a sack and she’s still gorgeous.

Words can’t describe the level of love I have for Julianne Moore as an actress.  So, I was disappointed to report that I hated her dress.  God, I hate when bad fashion happens to good people.  Apparently, nobody liked it all that much.

We were all agreed that Kate Winslet looked great.  So what that her thighs looked extra curvy?   She’s happy with them and if she wasn’t in a room of toothpick bodies I’m sure she’d look normal.   There was a lack of agreement on her hair, but messy hair seemed to be the trend last night.  More on that in a bit.

Is there a person out there who does not love Melissa McCarthy?  Last night when she walked out with Paula Patton (whose gown we started calling the corn cob dress), my comment above was the first thing I thought.  The one thing I wished was that Melissa McCarthy did a better job of choosing a gown.  Not only was it cheap looking, but the sleeves were too long and it didn’t flatter her at all.  I wish she chose something that was as fabulous as she is.

I think the above says it all.

This is an honest to God true story: When hosting commentary live during an awards show I am often looking at the comments made by others, and commenting back.  In fact, I get so wrapped up in that, and looking at the gowns, that I often don’t even know what award they are giving away.  Well when these two walked out I glanced up and was so stunned by they were wearing that the above was all I could exclaim.

When Felicity Huffman and her husband, William H. Macy walked out it was like a breath of fresh air.  Not only was their duet simply adorable, but Felicity Huffman seemed like one of the first people to walk out on the stage looking pulled together from head-to-toe.  I really thought she just glowed in gold.

I believe that Jessica Lange is quite possibly one of the most beautiful women in the world.  Therefore, I was so bummed when she got up to accept her award.  First of all, the dress not only fit her so poorly, but it just went flat on camera.  The least she could done was add some accessories to liven it up and break up the void (also known as her dress.)  And, if you didn’t see her live you missed the plunging, gaping hole in the back of this dress which did her no justice, at all.  Sorry Jessica Lange, I love you…but this was a fail.

Just about EVERY time I have seen Tina Fey on an awards show she has worn some variation of a black dress.  So, while I appreciate her finally stepping out into a new color, I really didn’t like this dress.  The color was quite stunning, however.  She really should wear more color, it suits her.

I don’t normally bother commenting on men, but couldn’t help but think the above when his named was announced for his category.  Personally, I felt his look was a bit overdone.

If there was ever a perfect shade of red the dress worn by Reese Witherspoon captured it.  I loved this dress, however, I felt like from the neck up she looked like Malibu Barbie.  Which brings me to the biggest, and most disappointing trend I saw last night; can we just talk about the ridiculous amount of unkempt coifs worn by celebrities?  What the heck was that about?  It was like there was some sort of hairstylist strike going on.  Seriously, many of the styles I saw may be good for the gym, for work or to wash your face, but for an awards show?  Really???

Helen Mirren hits it EVERY time.  That is all.

Now, my cyberfriends and I don’t always agree, and that’s cool.  Case in point, Angelina Jolie’s dress was a more polarizing look.  I liked it, as did many of the commenters on my Fanpage, but someone on Twitter staunchly disagreed.  Like I said, “That’s why there is chocolate and that is why there is vanilla.”

I seriously had high hopes for Michelle Pfeiffer’s dress when she appeared on stage.  I truly am a sucker for creative folds or pleats.  However, the second she started walking upstage to present the dress just failed for me.  It fit her poorly in the hips, the fabric was too stiff and didn’t move well.  Shame really, it could have been a knockout.

There are no words.  THERE. ARE. NO. WORDS for this dress, yet we all had a fun time talking about it.  What is this?  Why is this?  Speechless.

Lastly, the queen of queens, one of the most celebrated actresses in history, Meryl Streep looking like she stepped out of a wild-west dollar store to accept her award.  This underwhelming shirtdress just seemed to not rise to the occasion.  I really do believe that she thought she wasn’t going to win and could just party in the back wearing whatever she wanted to.  However, with all her wins, she could have worn anything she wanted to.  The woman has achieved so much that she could have accepted her award in yoga pants and a tank top.  This woman has NOTHING to prove to anyone.

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