This week I am writing on life styles for us women…over 50 and fabulous!  Although fashion will not be covered, I believe that this blog will add to our well being and that’s what this is all about!!

I read a very interesting article in the NY times the other day citing how women who are either divorced or widowed or single by choice cherish their freedom at this time in their lives.

I can speak for myself as the past 3 years of living on my own have been most liberating and educational.  No longer do I have to rush home from work or recreation to prepare his dinner, do his wash, arrange his social calendar or do his errands.  I have no one to whom I must answer. I have several friends who are in the same situation and who heartily agree with me on this subject.

But why do women our age shy away from commitment to another man?  Good question!

I believe the answer to be inherent in our nature.  Being caregivers dating from pre-historic times to the present, we are now relieved of total responsibility for others in the home.  Not that we distance ourselves from parents, children, etc. but we relish the fact that we can now concentrate most of our energies on ourselves and to the pursuit of a more meaningful and, yes, somewhat selfish, life as we grow older.

Men, on the other hand, are used to being the earners, i.e., hunters and providers down through history;  they only crave ease and attention when they return home.  They are, in effect, looking for “mothering”. That is why they so often immediately seek another mate (or two) when they are left alone.

I learned something the other day that amazed me.  Suicide rates are highest among married woman and single men!!  This has been documented by health care professionals. And what does that say about this article stating that women crave freedom while men seek care!

This is a blog about life styles and choices.  We women over 50 are now free to choose our paths in life in our later years.  We are strong, resilient, educated and, at this point on our lives, know who we are.  Life can be beautiful if we allow ourselves to go ‘out there’ and seek it.