If you missed last week’s episode of my radio show “Where Are You Going In That?”, exclusively on Blog Talk Radio, I have to say you missed a doozy of a show.  The topic was…wait for it…the boobies!  Yes, we went there with a rip-roaringly funny show that was also informative.

First, we welcomed three guests, lingerie expert Julia Burns lingerie designer and owner of Julia B. Studio, who gave us lingerie, shapewear, and bra tips for caring for your breasts and make the most of yours – whether you have bodacious tatas, are perfectly perky, or want a little boost.

Our next guest, was Jill Homiak, owner of Presenza and designer of the “Wrap Top”, a top made exclusively for large chested woman, which she came up with after she and her equally well endowed twin sister found it impossible to find button down tops that fit large chested women well.

Lastly, we brought comedian and inventor Marla Schultz to the show.  Marla invented an ingenius product called The Rack Trap and shared her funny story about how her invention came to be while in-between her sets at the very famous Caroline’s comedy club in New York City.  During our interview with her, she also told us a great story how The Rack Trap saved the day and kept a friend from getting pick-pocketed while in Spain.

Throughout the show, my co-host Amanda Jornov and I read a list of funny nicknames for the breasts which was curated by funny blogger TheBloggess.   Some were funny, others were ridiculous and a bunch were downright disgusting. Do you have a funny name for your breasts?  Let us know and, if you missed the show, you can listen to it right here on Blog Talk Radio