Karl Lagerfeld has decided to let us all know how he feels about singer Adele saying, “She is a little too fat, but she has a beautiful face and a divine voice.”

Oh no he di’in’t.

Really Karl, really???  Well, thanks for your opinion but, guess what?  Nobody cares!  That’s right, nobody cares!

Yet, if nobody cares, why is this making news?  I can’t speak for everyone else, but, to me it is the hypocrisy of the comment that makes me want to write about it.  After all, Karl Lagerfeld hasn’t always been svelte.  The once rotund fashion-

A once plump Karl Lagerfeld

fatty, who used to used to hide behind black clothes and a distracting (and stupid) fan all the time, followed the diet of Parisian physician, Jean-Claude Houdret, who wrote most of Lagerfeld’s book, The Karl Lagerfeld Diet, to lose 92 lbs.

Interested in his diet?  Well, before you consider, take note:  According to one article I read on Slate.com about Lagerfeld’s diet plan, “the book encourages the liberal use of artificial sweeteners and diet sodas and discourages exercise because it “runs the risk of making you hungry.” If dieters do feel hungry—they should not despair. “You can have a little homeopathic granule if you are very hungry,” Lagerfeld says indulgently.

What the hell are homeopathic granules?

The article goes on to say: “Unlike most American gurus, who optimistically insist that dieters need never feel hungry, Lagerfeld and Houdret view deprivation as part of what it takes to slim down. “It has to be a sort of punishment,” the German-born Lagerfeld tells Ingrid Sischy in a prefatory interview. A dieter, he tells her, must submit to his own martial law: “You are a general and you have a single soldier in your army. You must give him instructions and he must carry them out. It may annoy him but he has no choice.” But it’s Houdret who takes the book’s bleak, unforgiving tone to its extreme. “Do you have enough moral strength?” he demands, a drill sergeant barking at recruits. “Without real commitment, without the determination to understand and accept the diet, all those who embark upon it are destined to failure.””

The book is harsh and unforgiving…quel surprise…just like Karl Lagerfeld chooses to be towards Adele, and obviously towards himself.  Yet, it also explains the root of the comment he made about her.   Not that he is forgiven for acting like a complete ass for what he said, but anyone who deprives and punishes themselves to achieve slimness would obviously have a natural negative reaction towards anyone who isn’t trim.  While I wanted to bash Karl Lagerfeld for his comments about Adele’s weight, after reading what he puts himself through just to maintain a certain size, I have to admit, I pity him.  Clearly he’s not a happy person.  I mean, how can anyone who has been quoted as saying,  “A respectable appearance is sufficient to make people more interested in your soul” be happy?

Oh Karl, eat a Krispy Kreme and realize that there is more to life than homeopathic granules and a 32″ waist.