This spring, you better have your sunglasses handy because neon will be a hot trend.  If you’re my age, or older, you remember neon the first time…and you probably don’t remember it all that fondly.  With neon on the radar screen, yet again (did we not learn the first time?), I thought I’d give you a little friendly style advice on ways that you can incorporate it in a more fashionable manner so you can determine if you should…or if you shouldn’t wear it.

Neon Shorts

First, we have a pair of neon shorts.  Who the heck wants to wear a pair of neon shorts????  Please, I have a hard enough time convincing myself to wear shorts in general, let alone a pair that comes in safety cone orange.   However, I challenged myself to find a decent look that even I would consider acceptable.

With a little grounding, this neon pair of shorts don’t look that bad.  First of all, if you have the legs for a pair of shorts, consider giving them a once over with some bronzer which would work for this super-resorty look.  Also, consider proportions.  If you are going to wear such a short pair of shorts, choose a top that is more generous and class up the joint with a straw hat, some
elegant sandals
and accessories.  Don’t forget a stylish Crossbody Bag if you’re taking this look on a trip.

A Neon Belt

At first glance, a neon belt like this one hardly looks like it has any business being in your wardrobe.  What do you do with something so bright?  Where are you going in it?  What are you doing in it.  If you are confused, take a look at what I put together with it.

A bright belt is a great way to punch up a normally subdued outfit, like this one.  If you’re willing to romp with a romper this spring/summer, then I say go for it.  However the romper could easily be replaced with a sundress.  A metallic sandal has a punch without knocking out the yellow belt and keeps the rest of the look, along with that to-die-for clutch, soft, yet interesting, this is a great look for a night out on the town with girlfriends or a date.

A Neon Scarf

One of the best ways to embrace neon colors this spring is with a scarf.  It adds a punch, in particular near your face, which can really brighten you up after a long winter of feeling blah.  With such an overpowering color, however, I suggest that the rest of your outfit remain classy but understated.

It’s amazing how a little color can brighten up what would be a pretty basic outfit.  Who doesn’t own a tunic a pair of jeans (be it white or classic denim) and a pair of sandals.  By just winding some color around you neck you can look more sophisticated and polished.

A Neon Bracelet 

Another way to bring in some neon without blinding others is to choose it in an accessory like a bracelet.  Like the neon scarf, a neon bracelet has a way of uplifting a more subtle look lacking color.

Nothing about this outfit is really understated.  We have a fun tunic, a great pair of python flats, a navy handbag and some modern earrings, yet, with just that last splash of red the outfit has an updated feel to it.

The Neon Dress

When it comes to choosing a dress in neon, you have to accept that you’re all in.  There is no hiding when you choose to cover your body in a color that could probably be seen from space.  When choosing a dress like this, clearly you’re not a wallflower.  So, I say, go for it!

For some reason, it just feels right to pair this dress with turquoise shoes,
these GORGEOUS turquoise shoes
.  Why?  I don’t know…sometimes styling has no rhyme or reason.