Nanette Lepore

Well, if there was ever a trend to remind me that I’m not in my 20’s any longer (or that I haven’t been getting to the gym), it’s the midriff.  Yes, it’s a hot trend for spring/summer 2012, and one that I’m not particularly thrilled about.  The idea of exposing my stomach, when all I want to do is hide it under layers and layers of clothing, is a trend I just can’t get down with.  Sure, 20 year olds may have the body to pull it off, but older women do have more spending power.  Not that fashion has ever really cared about this fact (*cough* hot pants *cough*), yet I still find myself surprised that this trend is happening.

However, I do understand that the midriff being popular is not intended as a form of agonizing torture to be inflicted on folks like myself who are more flabby than fit, but as a form of creating balanced proportion.  Right now, as the waist height of skirts and pants are becoming more high rise, it is natural to want to raise the hem of most tops to balance out this proportion,  and, I’ve been assured, through my midriff trend research (yes, this is how I spend some of my time) that’s it’s just a peek of midriff and not exposing the whole belly area.  But, for me, that is more than enough.  Call it a peek, a gander, an innuendo of midriff, it doesn’t matter, I’m not biting.

I also have to question the age appropriateness of this trend?  At what age does an exposed midriff, I don’t care how fit, start to look ridiculous?

I’d tell you how to wear it, how to embrace this trend successfully because, well that’s what I do, however, the only style advice I can muster up for you is to do more sit ups and, maybe, lay off the carbs.

What do you think of this trend?  Excited to bare all or just as stymied as me?