The Original Beverly Hills 90210 cast wearing iconic 90's fashion

Was there anything particularly stylish about the 1990’s?  Like really??  Doing some research today I actually read the words: “Overalls, mixed prints, platform sneakers and biker shorts” and wanted to crawl into a hole.  Yes, the resurfacing of the 80’s was bad enough, but the 90’s?  Oh heaven help us all.

There were so many fashion mistakes made in the 90’s and, being young and dumb while they were going on, I know this because I wore just about every one of them.  With photographic evidence (that could easily be used against me as blackmail), I’m going to out myself now before people start finding photos.  Here are some of the hot 90’s trend back again to haunt us all…

(Why do I have a Bel Biv Devoe song in my head?)

#1- Platform sneakers

I’m embarrassed to say that I owned a pair of platform sneakers in the 90’s that looked similar to this pair (only they were low-top) by Steve Madden.  Platform shoes, in general, were so popular in the 90’s.  In fact, I think I also had a pair of Steve Madden loafers back then that resembled the shoes worn by Pee Wee Herman in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure in black.  Tequila!!

#2- Overalls

I’ll admit it, I owned (and, at the time, loved) my denim overalls in the 90’s.  Why?  I don’t know.  There was nothing particularly stylish about them, I wasn’t hired as a day laborer and I am also a girl.  So, I guess I can just chalk up my wearing them as young stupidity.

Oh, and does anyone remember wearing only one strap of the overalls and letting the other one hang?  Maybe that was just a New Jersey thing, but why did we do that?

#3- Biker Shorts

Last year, I found out about  new fangled shorts called Jorjeggings which, if you were alive during the 90’s you know as biker shorts.  Biker shorts…really?  Didn’t we see enough nut-sacks on men and flabby asses on women to know that this trend should have never returned?  Yet, here it is again.  Did I own a pair back in the 90’s?  Well of course I did.  Hey does anyone else remember wearing them under jean shorts, or worse, men’s boxer shorts?

#4-  Color Blocking

Raise your hand if you had anything color-blocked in the 90’s?  I remember having this trapeze, tent top that was in that cheap, oh-so-hot in the 90’s, acetate fabric that I used to wear with a spandexy black skirt, tights and some ugly flats.  Oh I also probably wore a pair of black leggings under my spandex skirt.  If you didn’t colorblock in the 90’s you were out, out, out.  Well, colorblocking is in, in, in.  I can’t say I’m totally against this trend, if it is done in an updated manner, but that is all.  If there is a whiff of 90’s to this trend, I’m backing out.

#5- Large Brooches

To me, when I think large brooch, I think late 80’s, but I’m willing to concede on this one.  Besides, the late 80’s, early 90’s sort of bled together anyway.  Okay, brooches.  Well, the brooch isn’t that bad, if done properly, in a classy manner and made to look more vintage (not 90’s vintage, but, like 40’s vintage.)  Yet, does anyone remember the brooches of the late 80’s and early 90’s?  They were complicated, stupid, gimmicky and overwrought with things like animals and bejeweled whoosywhatsits.  If the brooch can stay classy it can stay.  Otherwise, I’ve got better things to stick on my body.

#6- Baseball Caps

Okay, I have to admit, the baseball cap helped me get through my years of study at the Fashion Institute of Technology when I was getting my fashion design degree.  Picture it, the early 90’s, grunge was hot and I was pulling all nighters on my sewing machine and with my art markers.  Forget sleep and definitely forget a shower.  Thankfully, because of grunge, me and most of my fellow dirty sleep-deprived fashion design major friends looked stylish and, thanks to the baseball cap being so popular, nobody knew just how dirty our hair was.

So, it’s back.  Um, alright, I guess.  I steal my husband’s when I’m going to the beach or haven’t washed my hair…that’s about it.  As a fashion statement…I don’t know.

#7- Loose fit jeans

I guess you don’t have to be a fashionista rocket scientist to figure out that this trend was coming.  In fact, we’ve been wearing loose fit jeans through the way of the boyfriend jean for a few years now.  Yet, have we really explored fully what the loose fit jeans really means for the future of denim?  Well, if you lived throgh the 90’s you do.  Jeans fit horribly back then.  We all wore these high waisted, thick belted jeans that had a relaxed thigh and looser hem…that we wore them with tiny, slim fitting tops.  Z. Cavaricci anyone?  Sure, it will be nice to not be so thigh and muffin-top conscious in our jeans, but, I can’t believe this proportion is back.  There has to be another way.

#8- Shorts

Shorts have been back on the scene for some time now, but does anyone remember the shorts from the 90’s?  They weren’t sexy, they were pleated, neatly tailored and, sort of dorky.  I guess we can try to make them ladylike, but I’d rather just wear a dress if that were the case.

#9- Motorcross & Scuba Trends

At first I had a hard time remembering the scuba and motorcross trend of the 90’s until I remembered my best friend’s yellow and black scuba inspired bathing suit that came complete with a bold black zipper and athletic mesh.  With that, the rest of the scuba trend memories came flooding back.  Well, hold on to your oxygen tank,  motorcross and scuba inspired fashion are back.


#10- Chokers

In the 90’s I remember cutting 1″ ribbons (primarily in black) and tying them around my neck and wearing it with everything.  Hey, that’s what we did.  Back in the 90’s it was all about the choker and, it seems, it’s all about the choker again.  Damn, I just got so into my long necklaces.

If you want to wear a choker, remember to think about the length of your neck first.  If you can easily touch your chin to your chest you have a short neck and, I don’t care what decade is stylish again, chokers aren’t for you.