You may know that very Awards show I throw a little bash for myself and the fans Facebook Page.  We kinda snark it up, gossip about the celebrity fashion seen at the show and have fun –

Well, tomorrow we are going to turn it UP A NOTCH.

I hope you will join me for what I can ONLY call my very first Oscar Pre Show Extravaganza tomorrow live at 6pm EST

I will be coming to you live via Livestream, Facebook/a>, twitter, by blog, smoke signals and more, And I’ll  going to be joined by some absolutely fabulous guests as we take a look, and share our live commentary, with you on who’s wearing what on the red carpet… And, most importantly, what we think about it.

Joining us  live tomorrow from Los Angeles during the show will be my new BFF, shoe expert Meghan Cleary who will tell us who is putting their best foot forward  with fantastic footwear

And from New York City together in his amazing salon will be world renowned hairstylist Roy Teeluck and the incredibly gorgeous celebrity makeup artist Patricia Longo.

Roy has been involved in Oscar beauty for over 15 years and he and Patricia have worked together to create some of the most stunning hair and makeup combinations that you will see at ANY awards event.

Hope You will join us for what I think will be the best  Oscar Party of the night!

That’s tomorrow starting live at 6pm EST.

See you tonight!