62% of American Women are over a size 14, yet there are few resources available to women who wear larger sizes.  Why is this?  On today’s radio show Where Are You Going In That?, I tackled the topic of plus size fashion from all angles.  This is a topic that I’ve wanted to get to the bottom of long before I had a radio show.  It’s a complex one, and if I did a show on this topic I knew needed to do due diligence.  So, not only did I make this show a two hour special, I called on some amazing guests to talk about this subject on every level.  Positive body image has been a platform of mine for the past 10 years, in fact, when I wrote my book Style Rx: Dressing the Body You Have to Create the Body You Want, I was very particular on how the subject of dressing the body would be addressed.  For the photography, I used real women with real bodies (not professional models with perfect bodies merely posing like they had imperfections) and the whole tone of the book was acceptance and then working with it.  Body image is also a topic I also blog about regularly.

So, the guests I asked to be on our show today, I feel, are some of the best voices out there to speak on the topic of plus size fashion.

Retail Expert, Mercedes Gonzalez

Our first guest was retail expert, and our regular retail correspondent, Mercedes Gonzalez, who offered insider insights into the world of the plus size market and also the psyche of this often overlooked customer.  Also on this show, Kate McKee, Vice President of Product and Design Development for http://catherines.lanebryant.com/ Catherine’s Plus Size joined us to talk about the extremely high fit standards that Catherine’s puts on their product as well as the service they provide their customers.   Additionally, Wendy Shanker, author of The Fat Girl’s Guide to Life talked about body image and acceptance.  Sandra Davidoff,Director of Corporate Public Relations for the very popular Miraclesuit and Miracle Body Jeans talked about these products that help women of all sizes love and live in the skin they’re in.  Lastly, Nikki Oyefeso former plus size boutique owner will offer her knowledge of being and working with the plus size customer.

The conversation during the show was dynamic, empowering and, inspiring.  Even if you’re not a plus size woman, the messages in this show, I think can help any woman who hasn’t come to full acceptance of the size and shape of their body.

I am so grateful that I had the guests we had to talk about this topic and look forward to hearing your thoughts about the show.  If you missed it you can listen on demand any time by clicking here.