Summer Fashion BasicsWe all have those summer fashion basics that we rely on heavily (maybe a little too heavily) throughout the summer.  You know, those pieces that you grab when you’ve got nothing extra fancy going on that, by the time August rolls around, you’re so sick of wearing because you’ve worn them so much

I want to give you some advice that can help you avoid turning those important standby summer staples into things you want to burn when the season is over.  The truth is, we need summer staples.  For the most part, our lives are pretty ordinary with a few pops of excitement peppered through the season.  We spend most of our time running weekend errands, carpooling kids, getting together casually with friends or toting the laundry to be done.  The things we wear for the regular parts of our life are important and they don’t have to be snoozy.  The goal, instead, is to have these basics but to learn how to dress them up in ways that keep them remaining functional  and feel good about wearing.  Basics are the foundation of any outfit.  It’s what you do with these basics that will determine whether or not you’ll enjoy wearing them, especially after the umpteenth wear.

Here are some examples of some few very basic pieces that most women have in their wardrobe and my advice on how to keep them fresh.

Yoga Pants

Lookin' Stylish in Yoga Pants

Even if you do yoga a little or not at all, chances are that you have a pair of yoga pants in your wardrobe that you wear for more than just doing downward facing dog.  The goal for many women is to finally get out of their yoga pants.  Yoga pants, while not that exciting, can be a very functional item of clothing to have in your wardrobe.  They’re comfortable, stretchy, easy to wear for errands and fuss free.  Yet, yoga pants by themselves can be a total snooze.  When they are jazzed up, even a little bit, with pieces that already exist in your wardrobe, you can wear them with style.  Grab a metallic sandal or flip flop (something that every woman should have in their wardrobe as a go-to staple) toss on an easy necklace, a colorful cardigan as opposed to a hoodie or sweatshirt, a versatile metallic bag and your yoga pants look stylish as opposed to snoresville.


The Cotton Sundress

Super Casual Dress Spruced Up

Every woman has that cheap, easy cotton sundress for those sweltering days that feels like the next best thing to being naked.  Personally, I have three of them which get worn and worn again many times throughout the summer.  While they’re easy to wear, they can also get terribly boring if you don’t do anything to liven them up.

This dress can be a total snore on its own.  Imagine wearing this dress once a week this way for the entire summer?  How boring would that get?  Yet, by popping in some interesting accessories and color, the dress becomes much cuter.

The Summer Skirt

Cargo Skirt & Tee with some Punch

Who doesn’t have some form of a skirt like this that they throw on with a t-shirt, some boring pair of shoes and leave the house…and then wonder why they feel so blah in what they are wearing?  There is nothing wrong with a base consisting of a summer skirt and a t-shirt, yet, in order to feel exciting in it, you have to do something to make it exciting.  By just choosing a pair of sandals that aren’t boring, a handbag that is more interesting to look at than that boring handbag you grab time and time again and a bracelet that complements the color of the t-shirt you’re wearing that day, it becomes a whole new outfit that is easy enough to wear to run errands on a hot day but fashionable enough that it won’t put you to sleep.

Easy Capris

Capri Pants Casual with a Twist of Citrus

Capri pants aren’t going anywhere, especially for those who don’t like showing off their legs.  An easy pair like this pair is a staple that many busy women rely on but can get bored wearing over and over again.  The strategy for a pair of pants like these is no different than any of the above outfits.  Including some interesting components will make all the difference.

It’s important to point out that, in all the examples above, I’m not suggesting that you go out and buy new accessories, handbags and shoes for each and every one of your basic pieces.  After all, who wants to invest money on things to wear with your summer pieces that you’ll likely get rid of by the end of the season?  What I am suggesting, however, is that you find things that you already own that can liven up these basics, or that you do go out and buy things that you can wear with these basics that can also be worn in other ways throughout your wardrobe.  For example, a basic metallic sandal or bag.  These are things that are so versatile that you can wear them with just about everything, yet they’re not boring.  A novelty handbag that works with your basics should also be something that you can grab and use for a fun, dressier occasion as well.

If you’re feeling that accessorizing is an additional and annoying step that you don’t want to bother with, consider this: It takes all of one second to put a bracelet on or to put a necklace around your neck.  You have to wear shoes regardless so why not a fun pair vs. a boring pair.  The argument that accessorizing and taking the time to finish a look is a time suck is a silly one that really doesn’t take too much time out of your day.  Besides, if finishing your look is going to the the difference between whether or not you feel good in what you are wearing, isn’t that extra second or two worth it?