What if I told you there that there are fabrics out there that, through your own physical movement and static electricity while wearing it, could charge your iPhone at the end of the day?  Or fabrics that are being invented with transdermal properties to help with health issues like diabetes or the delivery of electrolytes to the body?  Sounds a little ‘Jetsons’ space aged?  Well, guess what?  These types of fabrics, and more, are being invented right now and are new technologies that we’ll be seeing in fashion real soon.

On last Friday’s show (which we’ll be re-airing again this Friday) we talked all about fashion and technology.  We covered this topic from all different angles and, in addition to our regular retail correspondent, Mercedes Gonzalez, talking about the future of fabrics, we also welcomed Andy Dunn Co-founder and CEO of Bonobos, the largest clothing brand ever launched on the web.  Technology, in both fit and how the company does business, has been their key to the success.   Lastly, we welcomed engineer and chemist Sheena Young, founder of Nael Coce who invented the convertible shoe, a shoe that can go from heel to flat with ease.

To tune in, listen below or join us Friday for a re-airing of this thought provoking, gasp worthy and interesting show with guests who will share all the ways technology is influencing fashion.

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For more information about the future of fabric through technology, check out this video as mentioned during the radio show.