heels above heel protectors When I got married five years ago it was at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden on a Sunday morning. Everything was perfect except for the fact that my bridal party and I basically aerated the Garden’s lawn with our heels that dug into the ground when we walked down the aisle. In fact, in my wedding video there are a few moments where I basically look drugged out or drunk because it was hard to keep my balance in the grass.  Meanwhile, as my bridal party of family and best friends stood there supportively of me while I said my vows, they teetered back and forth in an effort to keep their footing.  One of my relatives said that they all looked like the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz.

Yes, stilettos are lovely except when you’re not on solid ground.

Enter Heels Above high heels protectors, this reusable new heel saving device designed to protect heels from nicks and scratches while giving you more stability on unstable ground like at garden parties, on cruises, city sidewalks (in particular subway grates) , more.

According to their website, Heels Above:

  • Saves heels from sinking into grass, mud, cracks and grates
  • Are discreet & re-usable
  • Come with stylish storage pouch included in every package
  • Are made from durable, recyclable plastics
heels above heel protectors

Heels Above in Black

Heels Above are available in clear and black to blend in perfectly with every pair of shoes.  Or so they say.

Is it me or do they just look sort of silly?