Goody QUIK STYLE Paddle BrushWell here’s an idea that seems so “duh obvious” that I’m kicking myself for not thinking of it first.  Imagine a towel and a hairbrush in one.  Goody’s QUICK STYLE Paddle Brush is just that.  I got my hands (or, I should say hair) on this smart hairbrush that removes 30% of water from your hair with its absorbant built-in microfiber bristles that are wedged within the regular bristles.

After I got out of the shower, I ran this brush through my wet hair and, voila, all the extra drip was gone from my hair and my hair air dried much quicker.  The brush can also be used with a blowdryer to speed up drying time which, during the sweltering summer months, can be more than a blessing.

If you’re worried that the bristles will get icky from all the wetness, don’t be.  The microfiber has antibacterial properties and the sides of the brush are ventilated to not only help with speeding times but keep the bristles stay dry.

I’m also thinking that this brush can also be a great product to throw in your beach bag to take to the beach or pool and use after a swim.  The less drippy your hair is, the quicker you can get to the bar for an afternoon margarita.

What I’d like to see next is a Quik Style round brush…if the folks at Goody are listening.

Have you tried this brush yet?  What do you think?