AVON ANEW Genics Eye Treatment reviewThis is a true story:  Just two days before trying out AVON ANEW GENICS Eye Treatment I told someone that for my 40th birthday (which is in 2 years) I was seriously looking into giving myself the gift of an eyelid lift.  I’m not that vain, but between droopy eyelid genetics and smaller, deep set eyes, plus having pulled and tugged at my eyelids to get my contact lenses in for the past 25 years, the effects of all this neglect was starting to show.  Not only did I hate the way my eyelids looked but seconds after I applied my eyeliner I’d get two unsightly line marks from my liner onto my lids.


Having read miracle stories about ANEW GENICS Eye Treatment, I decided to try it.  After all, $36 for a jar is much cheaper than the cost of surgery.  Plus, getting an eyelid lift at 40 seemed a little ridiculous.

A few weeks ago, I blogged about my 5 must have beauty products and, today, I am adding this as my 6th.  First of all, I couldn’t believe just how fast I noticed a difference with the skin around my eyes.  Immediately, the skin felt more supple and elastic and in less than a week I noticed that my eyeliner was no longer smudging on to my eyelids and the excessive droopiness had all but disappeared.  I’ve been using this product just about a month now and my eyes look brighter, more rested and about ten years younger.

AVON boasts that Genics Eye Treatment with Youthgen™ Technology is designed to help skin cells act younger and that you can  undo up to 10 years form the look of your eyes.  They claim that it diminishes the appearance of fine wrinkles and fine crow’s-feet and that the eye area feels re-energized while restoring the look of youthful brilliance, remarkable smoothness, definition and elasticity.  While I am normally not inclined to believe everything I read (especially when it comes to beauty products), I do have to say that, being a user, this is pretty accurate.

Check out ANEW GENICS Eye Treatment here.