Fashion TrucksThe fashion truck mobile fashion boutique gives new meaning to getting hot merchandise that has “fallen off a truck.”  No, it’s not stolen….fashion trucks, inspired by the food truck craze, are the newest way women all over the country are getting fabulous, trendy and one-of -a-kind fashion looks.

Fashion Trucks Near You

The StyleLiner, Created by Joey Wolffer, a refurbished potato chip truck now houses unique and one of a kind pieces that Wolffer traveled the world for, including jewelry, bags, shoes and accessories.   StyleLiner can be found primarily in New York City (in the Meatpacking district near The Standard Hotel),  The Hamptons during the summer and  and New York City in the summer and Palm Beach Florida during the winter.  Online shopping is also available.

Fashion Trucks

Photo courtesy of Michael Lemmon

Le Fashion Truck, another fashion boutique on wheels, has been seen on shows like The Today Show and Lucky Magazine.  Created by  Stacey Steffe and Jeanine Romo, according to their website, the two met at a  Los Angeles arts and crafts market, began collaborating their businesses almost immediately, which naturally grew into Los Angeles’ FIRST mobile boutique.  Like StyleLiner, the truck sets up street side and at various events, parties and fundraising events.

Fashion TrucksFashion trucks aren’t limited only to NYC and LA, these types of trucks can be found all over the country like Therapie Boutique in San Diego, Bootleg, Austin and The Vintagemobile in Texas, Top Shelf in San Francisco, Lodekka and Wanderlust in Portland, Oregon, The Fashion Mobile in Minnesota, as well as The Green Street Vault and Haberdash Vintage in Boston.

The one good thing that comes from a down economy is creative thinking and the “fashion-on-wheels” concept is definitely one of them.  Also, as we enter into a time where customers are starting to abandon the fast-fashion model for uniqueness and a more intimate shopping experience, I can definitely get on board with this concept.  Heck, if we’re willing to eat food from a truck, why not buy a new pair of shoes?

Are there any fashion trucks not mentioned here that you love?  Let me know in the comments!