I know I’m not alone in noticing that Ann Romney and Michelle Obama wore the exact shade of pink at last night’s debate.  Blogs are abuzz, Twitter is lit up about it and even, Leatrice Eisemen, the prime color consultant to  Pantone, has identified the color possibly as their Shocking Pink 17-2127, shade.

Yet, the question that remains is who wore the shade better?   While both Ann Romney and Michelle Obama have the perfect coloring to wear a color like this, I spotted a few reasons why I like and didn’t like each look.  This is what I think.  

Necklace Choice

Winner: Ann Romney

I loved that Ann Romney decided to add a splash of a second color to her outfit.  Her choice of the aqua/turquoise was so perfect for her coloring, and added a little warmth to the cooler pink shade.

Michelle went for a more classic and understated look with her pearls.  Being such a modern lady and dresser, I wish she went a little bolder.


Winner: Michelle Obama


Michelle Obama wins hands down.  Not only was the jacket just stunning on her, but the fabric was substantial and and the fit flattering for her body.  Even after sitting for a long period of time, her dress and jacket still managed to look crisp and sharp.

Sadly, Ann Romney’s dress failed her.  Not only was the fabric not substantial enough to hold up, it looked wrinkled and the dress appeared ill fitting and stretched out by the time the debate ended.  There was also a lot of talk about visible panty lines on Ann Romney, but I didn’t see them.


Winner: Michelle Obama

Overall, I think Michelle’s outfit was sharper, more polished and more sophisticated.  I tend to like a bit more tailoring in my looks and I just loved the look of the jacket and how feminine, yet structured she came across.

Ann was just too soft for me, the dress didn’t fit her and to top it all off she wore this odd colored shawl which seemed a little too out in left field, even for me, a fan of color.  While I can see some accents in the shawl that match the pink shade of the dress, it wasn’t enough, and the shawl wound up looking like something she grabbed to keep warm, not as a part of her overall look.  I applaud her aqua jewelry but I think she needed to decide to go with one or the other, not both the shawl and the necklace.

Sorry Ann, better luck next time.  Michelle is the winner.

What do you think?