How many of you are guilty of not wanting to re-wear a dress that you’ve worn before, in particular to formal events?  Well, guess what?  If it is good enough for Michelle Obama then it is good enough for you.

That’s right.  Michelle Obama, who wore a magenta Michael Kors dress to celebrate her husband’s re-election into the White House, wore the same dress, not once, but twice before.   And you’re worried about wearing the same little black cocktail dress to a wedding where it really won’t matter if you are there or not.  Get a grip!

The first time Michelle Obama was seen wearing this pintucked brocade Kors dress was to a WhiteHouse holiday party in 2009.  The second time she wore it was for a military event in 2010.

Michelle Obama Fashion

Regardless of whether or not you voted for Barack Obama last night, or if you are or or aren’t a fan of FLOTUS’s style, there are a few things that Michelle Obama can teach us about clothing and getting dressed.

Michelle Obama Fashion Tip #1: It’s About You, Not the Clothing

How many would even notice that Michelle Obama’s dress was worn for the third time last night?  Honestly, I didn’t even realize it until it was brought to my attention.  While the dress Michelle Obama chose to wear was memorable, it makes a statement without overpowering her.

Regardless of the statement the clothing you wear can make, it still needs to be about you.  Clothing is a supportive player in making you shine.  Additionally, when you are comfortable in what you are wearing, you feel more confident and stand out more.  Clearly, if she is wearing it for the third time, Michelle Obama is comfortable in it, and it shows.  Yes, the dress is fabulous, but Michelle still outshines it.

Michelle Obama Fashion Tip #2:Classic Wardrobe Pieces Do Not Have to Be Snoozy

Out of a desire for versatility, when we look for classic pieces we tend to go the boring route.  I mean, just how many little black dresses does one person need????  This dress worn by Michelle proves that a piece can be versatile without putting anyone in a coma.

Personally, I think it is important for all of us to have at least one dress in our wardrobe that we can always grab when needed.  Sure, as fun as it can be to go out and buy something new and exciting, is it always fun?  Do you always have the time, the budget or the stamina to shop every time you have to go somewhere special?  I can’t tell you how many weddings, formal events, parties and more snuck up on me and I found myself either without the time, the budget or the patience to go and buy something fresh off the rack.  Having pieces with versatility in your closet is like clothing insurance.  Michelle Obama knows this…and so should you.

Michelle Obama Fashion Tip #3:Make Your Clothing Work for YOU…Not the Other Way Around

Michelle Obama Fashion While most would agree that Michelle Obama is a stylish woman and will probably go down in history as a fashion icon, is Michelle Obama a fashionista?  Based on how most would define a fashionista, as someone who loves to shop, who is obsessed with fashion or who would sacrifice comfort for style, then no…Michelle Obama is NOT a fashionista.  Yes, she is stylish, but she is no slave to fashion.  I mean, does Michelle Obama really look like someone who would let herself get pushed around by anyone…let alone fashion?  I don’t think so.

Michelle Obama has learned how to make fashion work FOR her, not the other way around.   What is a sad assumption about people who look good, or take the time dress well, is that many see these people as shallow or preoccupied with something that isn’t all that important.   Of course, the fashion industry has been of no help in changing this mentality, as they often go to the lowest form of marketing (to the stupid fashionista who are dumber than a bag of hair and whose lives seem to revolve around shopping) to get people to buy their clothes.   Yet, there are smart women, skilled women, successful and powerful women out there who may not giggle with glee when the September issue of Vogue comes in the mail, but do know the importance of a workable wardrobe and looking pulled together.  These are the women, like Michelle Obama, who put their wardrobes to work FOR them.

It has always been my sincere hope that the fashion industry would stop chasing the young, dumb idiots out there and start really considering the smart, sophisticated and powerful woman who have the money to spend, the intelligence to buy smartly and the ability to know how to look stylish.