It’s hard to believe that this Black Friday, my radio show is turning a year old.  Yes, instead of getting my shopping on with all the crazies last year, I decided to broadcast my first episode on the topic.

If you’re a Black Friday virgin or a die-hard, the my show included the history of Black Friday, its meaning, and also touched on all the crazy antics that surround the consumer holiday, like people forgoing sleep, wrestling for the biggest sales and who arm themselves (sometimes to the death) with a battle plan.  In addition, we had call-ins from people who have mastered the art of the Black Friday shopping frenzy and shared  why this is their favorite day of the year and their tips for making it successful.  

You can listen to the Black Friday broadcast here to get your own tips to arm yourself for this Friday, if you’re planning on going out.

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And, be sure to tune in this Friday for my one year anniversary show that will be about Charitable Fashion because, let’s keep it in perspective people, and not forget about what Thanksgiving is all about….you know, giving thanks and stuff.

This Friday’s show on Charitable Fashion begins at 12pmEST…just in time for you to break out the turkey leftovers to snack and listen. Click here for more details about this Friday’s show.