The new earrings I got at Glow Accessories.

Well after two long months, I finally got to change my earrings.  Back in October, I got my ears pierced for the first time.  Can you believe it?  I, a style expert who has been in fashion for twenty years, who has been dressing people for the past ten, never got their ears pierced.

I don’t know why I never did it.  I just didn’t.  I wasn’t afraid of it nor did I fear the pain.  When I was younger, I always thought I’d look silly with them, so maybe that is why I waited.  Either way, it wasn’t until this last October that I did it.  

As all of you piercing veterans know, you have to wear your “starter earrings” for at least six weeks (preferably eight, which I did) before you can can change them.  So, the excitement of actually piercing my ears was quickly followed by having to endure the boredom of wearing the same pair everyday.  Therefore, with yesterday being the two month mark, I headed out to get myself some new earrings.  I won’t be able to wear non-post earrings for some time, or too often just yet, but I couldn’t resist buying some chandeliers, regardless.

I live in Carroll Gardens Brooklyn, right on the border of Cobble Hill.  Yes, it’s true what they say about this part of Brooklyn, it’s pretty, a bit hipster, the restaurants are great, the boutiques are fun and it’s a great place to live.  Being a resident of this neighborhood for the past 16 years, I’ve seen this area evolve.  Believe it or not, 16 years ago, this trendy, hip neighborhood was just starting to blossom and there were few restaurants and no boutiques.  Since then, it seems, every year something new opens up that makes leaving cozy Brooklyn and having to trek into Manhattan less and less of a need.

Photo courtesy of PardonMeForAsking.com

Photo courtesy of PardonMeForAsking.com

One place I was excited to check out was this little accessories store for earrings just around the corner from me at 306 Court Street called Glow Accessories.  What an adorable little shop this, not to mention well priced.  I chose the perfect day to go because just about the whole store was having a 50% off sale.  I got to stock up on some new earrings without spending much at all.    There are also two sister locations in Park Slope Brooklyn; one on 7th Avenue and one on 5th Avenue.  They also have an online presence that I suggest checking back on at a later date as their current merchandise seems to be sold out.

The woman who helped me at the store was this lovely woman who got just as excited as me over my sale items and literally gave me a “high five” as I left.  It’s small, it’s neighborhood-y and it won’t cost you a small fortune to shop there.  If you can stop in or shop online I highly recommend it.  You’ll definitely find some inexpensive pieces like necklaces, bracelets, handbags, hats and earrings that can pep up your wardrobe at really reasonable prices.