Uncomfortable QuestionsUncomfortable questions.  We’ve all dealt with them at a party.  Just as you’re innocently meandering over the punch bowl to grab another glass of egg nog, you suddenly feel the blazing heat of the metaphorical interrogation lamp as someone, who clearly has issues with boundaries, starts grilling you for information, you either don’t know how to answer or are shocked that they’d actually be bold enough to ask.  You find yourself rendered speechless, uncomfortable and often embarrassed.

“When are you getting married?”

So, you’re still unemployed?”

“Are you having kids?”

…Are just a few examples of these types of inappropriate and boundary-crossing uncomfortable questions.

What do you do?

While the spiked egg-nog may have loosened you up a bit, wanting to take the higher road, you do everything in your power not to respond with a snarky or snippy answer. Yes, it may be somewhat satisfying to turn the tables on the person who clearly needs an etiquette lesson, however, being armed with a quick response that intimates to them to “back off” without biting their head off is something that few of us have in our arsenal ready to use. Instead, we often spend the car ride home scripting the ultimate revenge response or figuring out ways to even the score the next time we see them.

Uncomfortable questionsWell help is here. Certified Business Etiquette and International Protocol Consultant Melissa Leonard, who received her business etiquette training and certification from The Protocol School of Washington, joined the radio show today to give us tips, strategies and the perfect way to answer these pushy uncomfortable questions.  In addition, she also taught us about the art of small-talk (yes, it is an art) and how to deal with other types of insensitive questions you may encounter at a party, like the passive agressive and the indirectly insensitive or hurtful.

Uncomfortable QuestionsAlso on today’s show, You know her.  Or you have heard about her…She’s that girl who throws the perfect parties.  Her events just have that special something. From unique decor, a yummy signature cocktail, hor dourves to die for or personalized party favors, you leave the party feeling energized and inspired. And let’s face it….extremely impressed and a little intimidated. How does she do it and make it look so easy? Now YOU can learn to create unforgettable celebrations and throw events like a pro too!

If you’re throwing your first holiday party or are looking to amp up your next gathering,  is Hilary Pereira-  New York party-planner and author of the book book  Mermaids & Martinis: Turn Your Party Into a Memory.  Hilary joined the show with her tips on how to entertain a sense of style and flair, no matter what your budget.

Additionally, she shared her expertise on how to stress-free during the holidays (yes, that is possible), her rules of “fin” (also known as “rules of thumb” to us land-based beings), hostess gift ideas and ways you can really set your holiday apart.   After talking to Hilary, I felt totally inspired to throw a party; something I haven’t done in years.

Yes, today’s show rounded out our month of holidays show topics and if you missed the broadcast from today you can tune in right here.

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